Atom Learning Makes Test Prep & Online Learning a Breeze


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child smiling next to tablet, Atom Learning reviewAtom Learning is excellent for parents looking for ISEE or SSAT test prep for their children, ages 7–12. Although, I have to say, it’s also an excellent educational platform for parents who are homeschooling or just looking to provide extra learning tools for their children outside the classroom.

Atom Learning’s mission is to help students excel on their ISEE & SSAT exams and grow into confident, motivated learnersISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is an admission entrance exam for grades 2–12. SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is an admission entrance exam for grades 3–11. 

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We are homeschooling at the moment and have absolutely loved our time trying out Atom Learning. I appreciate the access to video lessons made by teachers. My 9-year-old loves the map designs and earning stars along the way.

example map from Atom Learning reviewOUR EXPERIENCE

As a parent, my favorite thing about Atom Learning is how well it guides my child through incorrect answers to help him learn. The next time he sees a similar problem, he has tools to work through the answer. The video lessons are so informative, entertaining, and helpful. I appreciate having a friendly guide expertly helping him through multiplication lessons with ease and humor. 

My son’s favorite aspect of Atom Learning is the gamification. He loves moving through the maps and would excitedly update me on his progress every step of the way. As a mom, I felt so much joy seeing him light up every time he completed a map.

Math has been one of our homeschooling pain points. My children love math, but it isn’t my strong suit. Frankly, using Atom Learning has helped me to help my 3rd grader with his math work, and I am beyond grateful for that. I’m also grateful that Atom Learning allows parents to assign lessons via a to-do list on the child’s dashboard.

example map from Atom Learning review
Atom Learning addresses interactive verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, & mathematics.

It has been wonderful to see the “aha” moments my son has had while using the platform. And the way Atom Learning makes every lesson, question, and test feel like a game, keeps it fun and builds a child’s confidence. My son particularly loves the verbal section map. As a parent, it is so validating to see how well he does there, too. It isn’t just his mom who thinks he’s smart. Haha!


We tried out the testing to see how it would go for people who want to help a child get ready for entrance tests. For those who are especially interested in test prep, Atom Learning is an ideal way to get plenty of practice from the comfort of home. And you can review the problems your child answered correctly, as well as the ones they don’t yet grasp. Parents can then choose where their child needs to focus and get more practice. This is where assigning those to-do list lessons can come in handy.

The practice tests are unlimited, which takes the pressure off. And there is so much teacher-created content to help students build their skills and master subjects. We especially loved the Lesson Library videos from Grace. There are also Live Lessons available for booking, too, which will really help those working on test prep. 

I don’t know what magic Atom Learning used to create their algorithm, but it adapted so well as my son moved through the maps. He was challenged but never frustrated or discouraged. When he answered incorrectly, there were clear explanations that showed how to correctly answer the question. And he loved earning special achievement badges for accomplishments such as studying beyond a certain length of time or getting a certain number of correct answers in a row. 

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