Are You SURE You Installed that Car Seat Correctly?

This post has been sponsored by TxDOT to bring you important safety information. All opinions are 100% our own!

Who amongst us has watched an amateur YouTube video on how to install a child car seat? Or installing using only the seat belt? I’ve definitely done both. But, like, how about we NOT trust some random bro on the internet with this. There’s a better option:


TxDOT’s (Texas Department of Transportation) Save Me with A Seat program promotes child car safety with FREE child car seat checks. They’ll help you make sure you’ve installed everything correctly and that you’re buckling up your children properly.

We’ve come a loooong way in child car seat technology, as a quick Google image search of “1940s car car seats” will tell you (yikes). But in order to take advantage of those advances, we’ve got to start off on the right foot: PROPER INSTALLATION.

TxDOT Save Me With A Seat Dallas
Ferrying children around is the reason we got such a big dang car in the first place. Let’s do it right.

Go to TxDOT’s and enter your zip code to find out where to go for your free check. A technician will contact you to set up an appointment, during which you’ll learn how to best secure the car seat for the type of vehicle you drive, the ideal car seat for your child’s age and size, and general car safety in and around your vehicle.

Most people have LATCH systems in their cars, but you might want to have them show you how to install with a seatbelt, too. Our fold-down 3rd row doesn’t have LATCH anchors, and I’d love to know what I’m doing if I need to put a car seat back there.

Also, since I know you’ll be interested, find out answers to all the common child car seat questions here. Laws can vary by state, so it’s important to see what’s what in Texas. When is it ok to face forward? How long do kids need a booster? When can they sit in the front seat? Make sure you know the answers, so your child can be safe and so you don’t get a ticket!




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