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Iplaintape‘m dating myself by saying this, but my generation grew up watching MacGyver. It was such a great show!

In each episode, MacGyver managed to free himself and his friends from mortal danger by utilizing random and seemingly useless supplies like pocket lint and toothpicks.  I was always on the edge of my seat wondering how is he going to pull it off this time?


No one ever told me that when I had kids I would become a sort of MacGyver myself- a MomGyver.

When I think of all the things I’ve engineered out of thin air and the crises I’ve averted through determination and ingenuity…well, it’s enough to warrant my own tv show.  I don’t have a background in engineering or chemistry, but when I get down to the last diaper and the sticky tabs aren’t working, you better believe I’ve got a plan.  (And it involves yarn and chewing gum.)

Does that sound familiar?  Most moms I know have MomGyver qualities. Take the quiz below to determine where you fall on the MomGyver scale.

Score 1 point for every “Yes!” answer.  Have you ever…

Split 1 serving of food 3 ways (Bonus point if that food was a peppermint candy)

Fashioned emergency clothing from a scarf, towel, socks, or pillow case

Made anything out of duct tape

Carried 2 children, 3 grocery bags, and your purse/diaper bag all at once

Cooked a semi-nutritious meal using nothing but items from your pantry

Packed 1 bag for the entire family for a weekend trip

Used a paper clip for any other purpose than holding paper together

Cleaned up a major diaper blow-out with the ONE wipe that was in your bag

Created a costume at the last minute using toilet paper and/or bed sheets

Wrapped a birthday gift without using wrapping paper or a gift bag (Bonus point if you also did not use any tape)

1-3 Points :

MomGyver in Training– You might feel intimidated when life throws a curveball, but you have experienced the thrill of overcoming a difficult situation through sheer willpower and ingenuity.  They say necessity is the mother of invention.  It could be that you are super prepared and therefore haven’t had as many opportunities to think on the fly.  But as a mom, there will be surprises.  The successes you’ve experienced will serve as building blocks as you continue to develop MomGyver skills.

4-6 Points :

A True MomGyver– When the pressure is on, you don’t lose your cool.  You have proven that good outcomes can be created even when circumstances are less than ideal.  You aren’t afraid to think outside of the box, and your creativity has saved the day on more than just a few occasions.  You’d prefer for life to run smoothly, but you are confident in your ability to step up to the plate and avert disaster when necessary.

7+ Points :

MomGyver Extreme– MacGyver’s got nothing on you.  You could save your family from a ticking time bomb AND put dinner on the table at the same time.  You’re the one other moms run to when we are faced with insurmountable problems like making a poodle skirt from scratch in 30 minutes or coming up with a last minute teacher gift when all we have are marshmallows and a glue gun.  In fact, maybe you thrive on crazy situations and get a rush from creating solutions from thin air.  You probably also carry a roll of duct tape at all times.

Have you felt like a MomGyver recently?

Tell us about one of your favorite MomGyver moments in the comments!



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