Adventures in Homeschooling (in Dallas)


As the end of the school year rolls around, most Dallas parents are facing the looming question: “Where will my child(ren) go to school in the fall?” For some it will be private or charter schools, for some public schools, and for others it will be at home. Curious about homeschooling or what the Dallas area has to offer? Here are some things to chew on:

1. How about a hybrid? Both Coram Deo Academy (which has campuses in both Dallas and Collin County) and Classical Conversations offer a great opportunity for people who want to homeschool but don’t want to do it “full time”. Your child will go to classes in a traditional school setting two or three days a week and you are given all of the information and teaching instruction for the other two to three days.

2. To co-op or not to co-op. Our family attends the Richardson Homeschool Association’s Teaching Co-op, which meets once or twice a week in as many classes as you’d like to sign up for.  Co-ops offer everything you could think of: music lessons, english, foreign languages, history, chemistry, physics, upper and lower level math, and just about anything else you might not feel prepared to teach. For a parent who wants to homeschool but feels unequipped in certain areas (I, for instance, am TERRIBLE at math!) it gives you a wonderful resource. There are teaching co-ops all over the Dallas area, and whether you want a secular or a Christian-based co-op you’ll have no trouble finding one.

3. School’s out? Not quite. One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to get the same schoolwork done as a traditional school in much less time. Children graduating at 16 is not uncommon, and most people who want their children to graduate at 18 will only homeschool 4 days a week. For our summer we decided to continue homeschooling throughout the summer – three mornings a week. This will enable us to continue to homeschool 3 days a week during the fall…leaving more time for museums, libraries, and the free time we value so highly.

4. A trip to the homeschool bookstore! The Home Educator’s Resource in Lewisville is a great stop for those already homeschooling as well as those thinking about it. They offer great sales, plenty of used curriculum, advice if needed, and a great place to browse at books and workbooks.

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To read more about homeschooling, check out Lisa’s top 5 reasons she chose to homeschool in DFW.  Whether you are homeschooling or not, May is the month for planning your child’s September. Does anyone else have any homeschooling hotspots or co-ops they love?


(P.S. No compensation was received for any of the groups listed here…they just happen to be some of my favorite Dallas homeschool things!)




  1. My baby is just about to turn one and I’ve already started thinking about homeschooling.  Believe me when I say I NEVER thought those words would come out of my mouth.  We live in East Dallas currently and are thinking of moving to Richardson, but schools are such a big part of the equation.  I know it’s early but never to early to research, right? Thanks for the great info.  

    • It’s never too early to research!  When my youngest was around one year old I started to research Montessori and how to put some of those “ideas” into our daily life. It gave me some do-it-yourself games, etc. to do with her at home and made me feel a bit more normal when she got to the preschool age and we kept her home 🙂

    • I live in East Dallas as well and we are worried about the same issue with schools. Apparently Lake Highlands is Richardson ISD so the schools are great over there. Thankfully we still have 4 years to decide!

  2. Hello Kelly,
    My children currently attend a hybrid school in Nevada and we are looking for a hybrid k-12 school in Dallas that is secular (we are moving there this summer.) We are Christian but do you know of any secular hybrid schools in Dallas?

  3. Hi have been an art educator in Dallas for over 30 years and have a studio in Preston Center.

    We do a special clay Nativity and Holy Cross project every year. In in the past I have had Home School groups make the Nativity.
    I thought the Home School Groups might again be be interested in this precious Keepsake.
    I am willing to work with scheduling and pricing.
    In the Spirit of Art
    Kathleen Alexander


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