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This will be my 12th Christmas as a teacher, which is equivalent to 137 coffee mugs in my collection. I love coffee, I do, but my collection is far greater than I will ever need. For some reason that seems to be the number 1 gift from students. And while we will graciously accept the mug and go on and on about how we can’t wait to use it, the truth is, it’s likely going to sit next to last year’s collection (and may or may not ever be used!).

Giving gifts to teachers is certainly not expected; however, as a parent myself, I want to show my appreciation to my children’s teachers and want to give a gift that I know they will appreciate and use.

I’ve enlisted the help of some of my best teacher friends and created a list of teacher gifts that are sure to make holidays merry!

Gift cards

As generic as it is, gift cards are actually pretty great for teachers because they are actually something they can use. Knowing your child’s teacher will help decide where to purchase a gift card from. Some schools ask their teachers to complete an “All About Me” form for occasions like this. Check to see if your child’s teacher has one.

Fast food


Local boutiques/small businesses

Nail Salons


Personalized items

This one takes more time to allow for personalization. I’ve gotten monogrammed keychains, cups, shirts, and notepads. There are several Etsy shops that can make Teacher Stamps and even use the teacher’s bitmoji. I’m asking Santa for one for sure!

Fun teacher shirts

My newest addiction is Tees2urdoor for ALL.THE.SHIRTS! This site seriously has so many cute themed shirts for everyone. When you first register on the site you will receive 20% off your first order. There are always shirt deals, some starting at $6. They also have tons of cardigans that I wear over my shirts to help dress it up a bit.

With three kids, and a couple of teachers per classroom, for me, this was the way to go to ensure I was able to get each teacher a gift that she is sure to love! I did have to enlist the help of friends to ensure that I got each teacher the right size shirt, but it was just a matter of asking the right people. I also plan to give their gifts a little early so they have time to wear them in the Christmas season, consider planning ahead if you choose a holiday-themed shirt. I’m a reading and writing teacher and love a good teacher pun. There are lots of shirts that incorporate teacher humor that make for fun gifts.


I cannot think of a more fitting time than now to gift soap! It is definitely a gift that’ll get used. I receive emails from Bath and Body Works, so I’m always looking out for soap deals. They have a holiday collection with super cute Christmas and winter names. This year, I stocked up while they were having a 6 for $26 sale. This is a great, inexpensive gift to give when having to buy for multiple teachers. I printed out a cute tag that says, “I soap you have a Merry Christmas” to tie on with cute ribbon, and done!

Teacher Supplies

You can’t go wrong with Sharpies or fun flare pens. I’m certain that I have 3 of every color Sharpie, in every size Sharpie, and would still love more. Post-its and Mr. Sketch Chart Markers are something that I buy each year because I go through them so quickly. Lanyards and fun ring key chains are great, too!

Cards of appreciation

Teachers are working harder than ever this year to love your children, teach them, keep them well, and follow the long list of guidelines from the state and their districts, all while teaching face-to-face and virtually. A “thank you” means more now than ever before. It’s been easy to feel like we are stretched thin, and struggle between being ALL the things at home and work. A simple note or card letting the teacher know you appreciate them is what keeps us coming back each day.

Again, teachers do not expect to receive gifts, however, I’m certain that any teacher would love to have any one of these. What are some gifts you’ve given that were a hit?


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