A Love Letter to Myself (and You)


What’s your love language? Do you know? Every time I take a quiz, I rank highest on “words of affirmation.” Anyone who knows me can tell you. I’m so effusive that it can even get annoying. Just ask my husband (sorry!). I constantly seek ways to make my kids feel cherished and valued, in good times and in bad. I work hard to make sure that my husband and all my loved ones know that I appreciate them. I’m proud to prioritize this.

But even with all that said, I have a long way to go when it comes to showing myself love and genuine appreciation. I’ve learned that we should only say to ourselves what we’d say to a good friend. I’ve tried to care for myself in difficult moments. But when it comes down to it, the way I treat myself leaves a lot of room for improvement. I won’t go into detail, but I imagine many of you can relate. It’s embarrassing to admit, but so important to address.

neon "love you" sign, a love letter to myself

We deserve to love ourselves as much as we love everyone else, don’t we? So I’m making a public declaration. This is a love letter to myself and all of us moms who wake up each day and do our best.

This is an acknowledgement of the choices I make when other choices are possible. It’s gratitude for what I’ve been given and for what I give. It’s acceptance of my limitations and belief in my potential. This is a thank you.

Thank you for doing your best for your family, even when it felt like too much. You’ve had a choice every single day to give up, but you didn’t. You continued to function. I love you for trying your best.

Thank you for maintaining a sense of perspective and optimism, even when it’s been an eternity since things felt normal. I credit you with remaining steadfast in your hope, even when being pushed to your limits. I love you for your vision.

Thank you for trying to create a sense of stability for your family, even when you weren’t standing on solid ground. I acknowledge that it’s been years since you’ve felt like yourself, but also that you’ve set the stage for your kids to thrive. I love you for your leadership.

Thank you for speaking up when you need support. It takes insight and humility to recognize that you need help and to ask for it. I love you for your self-awareness.

Thank you for taking a break when you need it. It’s a blow to the ego to be viewed as less productive than you used to be. But you’re putting the energy you have where you think it most needs to go. I love you for your effort and discernment.

Thank you for finding the time to invest in the you that’s separate from the roles you serve and the support you provide. Thank you for finding ways to laugh and enjoy and grow. I love you for recognizing that you still matter.

Thank you for being. That’s it. Thank you for being here. I love you.


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