New & Cool: A Look Inside The Playdate Co.



Heads up, Moms! Dallas has a brand-new indoor playspace. Yup, breathe a collective sigh of happy relief, and then go check out The Playdate Co. You can keep kids busy and engaged for more than 20 minutes, meet friends for a chat and coffee, beat the heat or escape the cold. Read on for a peek inside your new favorite stomping grounds.


The Layout

The Playdate Co. is large and open. The acoustics make for a little noise due to the minimalist design and high ceilings, but it’s happy, joyful noise. There are six individual buildings: a schoolroom, a garage/workshop, a library, a house, a store and a crafty-type space. There’s also a special spot just for babies, with a plush rug, an activity center, and brand-new, top-of-the-line baby swings/gliders.


The Toys

Battery-operated toys are few and far between. The stuff that does make noise is totally appropriate— after all, a chainsaw wouldn’t be much fun without sound! Play food is plentiful, ranging from the go-to Melissa & Doug wooden sets to fun and colorful plastic options. Books fill the library shelves, adorable desks and a chalkboard complete the schoolhouse. Cars and trucks wait to be pushed around on city-themed rugs, and the gas pump waits for “empty” push cars.

There’s a felt veggie garden, a lawn mower, a metal detector, and a spot for shooting hoops, throwing footballs and kicking soccer balls. The Playdate Co. also has a tricycle carousel right in the middle of the room, which little tykes can ride or push to their heart’s delight (the carousel put my kid in a carseat coma on the way home— a best bet for naps!). 


The Snack Space

I don’t know about your kids, but mine can’t go long without nosh. You CAN bring food into The Playdate Co, and it also offers snacks for $1. Two areas have been designated for eating: one has a big picnic table for groups and the other is made up of several round tables and chairs. For this reason, our playtime was extended by at least an hour, maybe more.


The Amenities

There are plenty of amenities for visitors at The Playdate Co. There is free wifi, a flatscreen tv, two large bathrooms with changing tables, and complimentary coffee. Employees are constantly moving and straightening the toys, which is great for the next round of guests. Located in II Creeks Plaza, it’s easy to extend your outing at Frankie’s for Tex-Mex, or at Shady’s Burger Joint, or Sweet Firefly for ice cream.


The Cost

  • $10.50 per child, age 1 and up.
  • $8.50 for siblings, age 1 and up.
  • $5.50 for children under age 1 not accompanied by an older sibling.
  • Free for siblings under age 1 with a full price child’s admission.

There’s also an option for a monthly play pass, check the website or call for more details.


The Details

2701 Custer Parkway
Richardson, Tx 75080

Phone: (469) 248-2383


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

All images by Gabby Cullen


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