A Guide to Virtual Workouts {Plus Local Options!}


virtual workouts

Over the past 12 months, many of us have found new ways to cope with our “new” lives. (Sourdough anyone?) As we find ourselves in a continued limbo from our previous routine, perhaps you are ready for a new (or renewed) passion for working out. While you may not be comfortable in a gym, the opportunities exist for you to add movement to your daily life – VIRTUALLY! Check out these virtual workouts, including a few local businesses to support now!

Virtual Workouts You Can Join Now!

Camp Gladiator
(In-person and virtual options available)

Camp Gladiator, previously an in-person only bootcamp training program, has quickly adapted and equipped their trainers with a virtual platform. After seeing the opportunity to serve more people by offering both options, they announced it is here to stay! Camp Gladiator combines strength and weight training with cardio and agility training and moves in 5 week cycles (endurance, strength & agility, HIIT, peak, and a community/rest week). Virtual classes are all live via Zoom and classes start just about every 15 minutes from 4am through the late evening hours. You literally have hundreds of options per day to choose from with trainers all over the United States.

Pricing for virtual only options: $44/month (6 month commitment), $35/month (12 month commitment), and $26/month (24 month commitment). If you choose the in-person options, you have access to any live camp and all virtual class options.

Peloton App
(All virtual, recorded or live streaming)

Before you skip ahead because you don’t have one of these expensive home cycles, let me shout – YOU CAN HAVE A PELOTON ACCOUNT WITHOUT HAVING THE BIKE! The Peloton App allows you to access live classes and thousands more on-demand from your phone, tablet, or TV app. The Peloton App offers classes ranging from outdoor running, strength and weight training, yoga, stretching, and even guided meditation! There are 10+ types of streaming workouts you can do all from your own home. One of the best features they offer is their filter – filter by class, type, length, equipment needed, and even by music you prefer! You can be part of the Peloton craze without spending the big Peloton bucks!

Pricing for the Peloton App only: Access through the app is $12.99/month and they offer a free 2 month trial membership. If you choose to bite the bullet and buy the bike or treadmill, the all-access full equipment membership is $39/month.

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obé fitness
(All virtual, recorded or live streaming)

obé fitness is similar to the Peloton App. They offer all virtual classes, with many different types of workouts available. You can take live classes or do a previously recorded class on your own schedule. There are 22 live classes per day but thousands more available on demand. They offer workouts ranging from strength training to running to yoga… even DANCE classes! obé even has programs they have built out that help you focus on one goal or area of your body for a period of time, like a 15-day Yoga Deep Dive, for example.

Pricing for obé fitness: $27/mo (billed monthly), $21.67/mo (billed quarterly – $65/quarter), or $16.58/mo (billed annually – $199/year)

Created Strong Fitness
(Locally owned, in-person and virtual options available)

Created Strong Fitness is group fitness specifically for women. Locally located in the North Dallas-Richardson area, they quickly adapted to the and started offering virtual options to their members. In addition to dynamic workouts, Created Strong Fitness fosters a supportive community among members. In addition to strength training, they also offer run training and group runs throughout the month. Right now, they are also offering a 30-day wellness challenge which incorporates nutritional coaching and support with their regular workout schedule.

Pricing for Created Strong Fitness (in-person and virtual): $70/mo (month to month), $65/mo (6 month commitment), and $60/mo (12 month commitment)

Bikram Yoga – Richardson
(Locally owned, in-person and virtual options available)

Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga studio that welcomes all levels and all people. They focus on 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises to work through your whole body. Their website makes it easy to register for classes – both in studio and virtual from home. Many yoga studios have sadly had to close down during the past year, but Bikram is making a very concerted effort to remain open and offering times of practice as safely as possible. Many of their members have opted to remain loyal from home. If you opt for in-person, they limit class sizes and always practice social distancing throughout. Masks are required while indoors but do become optional on the mat during your yoga practice.

Pricing for Bikram Yoga – Richardson: $49/mo which includes all in-person and virtual classes available. If you prefer not to have a membership, classes are $10 each.

Are you loving at-home workouts? What did we miss? We love to hear from you and would love to hear more local options out there!


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