A Guide to Free WiFi in Dallas


free wifi in dallasMy husband and I recently moved into an area of new construction. In my quest to get all of our utilities setup before we moved in, I discovered that our new neighborhood was experiencing major delays in cable and internet capabilities. We are just now fully up and running, back connected to the real world, but we had to put up with not one single ounce of connection for 5 months! 

During those 5 months “off the grid” we were also on family leave with our newborn. I was really looking forward to binging shows on Netflix and casually blogging from home during that time, but that was taken away from me when we moved into this new, unconnected land. In that time, we started to get desperate for internet, so we ventured out to our not-so-local coffee conglomerate for some coffee and connection. We quickly grew tired of the exorbitant traffic in and out of said conglomerate and went searching for wifi all over town. Here is our list of our favorite finds!


free wifi in dallas
Almond Milk Latte – Communion Coffee

Communion Coffee – Richardson

 As Richardson residents, this was the first stop on our exploration. We loved it! This is a dual co-working space and coffee shop. We stayed in the coffee shop area when we visited, but you can pay by the day, month, year, etc at the co-working space. If you casually work from home or remotely on occasion, you can feel free to choose either side. We opted for the coffee shop because we had our baby in tow AND we wanted to try their full food menu in addition to their great coffee selections. Their food menus are incredible and the service is so warm and friendly.

Warnings and Pro Tips: I would warn you that the coffee shop feels more like a restaurant so people tend to not want to set up and work there for long periods of time, but that didn’t stop me. If I knew I would be there for a couple of hours, I opted for one of the bar tops instead of a regular dining table but they would welcome you anywhere! The pro tip here is that they have a full service bar in addition to the coffee bar, so if you work long enough during the day you can have a happy hour before you go home!

M-Th 7am – 9pm; F & S 7am – 10pm; Sun 9am – 4pm (Brunch all day)


Legacy Food Hall – Plano

This place offers the most variety in one place out of our entire list. Legacy Hall is equal parts food hall, beer garden, craft brewery, and live entertainment destination. That may not sound like a good place to sit and enjoy some free wifi but it really is a great place to squat. There are so many places to choose from – full meals, drinks, or just dessert. If meeting up to work with a friend, you can each choose a different place to eat if each of you have different tastes.

Warnings and Pro Tips: It can be lively and loud during peak hours. One of our contributors suggested going during week day afternoons. It is quieter during those times but you still have access to all of the same restaurants as peak times.

Sun-Wed 9am – 11pm, Thu 9am – midnight, Fri & Sat 9am – 2am


Alamo Drafthouse – multiple locations in DFW

Not kidding! You don’t have to enjoy a movie to visit Alamo Drafthouse. You can sit out on their patio or in the bar to have a drink, enjoy lunch or dinner, and use up the free wifi! My husband and I love their queso and hate to wait until we see a movie to eat it. Take your laptop to Alamo Drafthouse and work away while enjoying some food and their great drinks. They have some amazing desserts as well! (Obviously we do not mean the theater… those strict rules never go away, and we would never want them to!)

Warnings and Pro Tips: Of course the later you go, the busier it will become. If you need quiet, go between lunch and the early evening shows. The best pro tip I can give you here is that the bartenders love what they do! Grab a stool at the bar if you are casually working so you can chat them up or get their latest beer recommendation.

Open 7 days a week 11am – midnight


Re:defined Coffee House – Grapevine

This place makes you feel at home as soon as you drive up. They pride themselves on being a homey place for people to end up, rather than a place of business. Are you a Dallas Cowboys or New Orleans Saints fan? Well, one of the founders, Kenyon Coleman, is a former Cowboy and currently plays as a Defensive End for the Saints. If you aren’t in need of wifi but a night out, their special events and musical guests offer great date nights out! 

Warnings and Pro Tips: There are plenty of rooms available for some added privacy, but make sure you book ahead if needed. These rooms can be used for conference calls or meetings, showers, semi-private dinners, and more! You can book online.

Mon-Sat 7am – 8pm, Closed Sundays


Watermark Church Coffeeshop – North Dallas (Hwy 75 & 635)

free wifi in dallas
Working remotely at Watermark – baby in tow!

This place really set me on this incredible journey of free wifi in Dallas, although once you come here there is no reason to go anywhere else. There is an abundance of workspace and tables to choose from, incredible coffee and drink selections, a kids play area (that could be a post all in it’s own!), and a select Chick-fil-A menu to order from during the week. I met a friend here on a beautiful day, and they had the doors open to the wonderful outdoor patio area, and I just felt like I was the most creative I had ever been on my work. When I have the chance to work remotely during the week, I tend to go here and only here. I absolutely love the vibe here, and I have never have a hard time finding a place to set up shop for the day.

Warnings and Pro Tips: There are some Bible study groups that meet during the weekdays which makes the parking hard to come by. Get there early or after lunch and you’ll have no issues. If you do go at a peak time, not to worry. There is plenty of parking throughout their property, you just may have to walk a little further than you’re used to at your normal coffeeshop.

Mon 6am – 8pm, Tue-Thu 6am – 7pm, Fri 6am – 3pm, Closed on the weekends


There you have it – several new places for you to enjoy free WiFi around DFW. We would love to hear from you. Where are your favorite places to land while staying connected?


  1. If I could go back, I would add Klyde Warren Park as a great wifi option in Dallas. What a beautiful setting to get some work done! Go before the weather gets unbearable.


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