A DIY Summer Bucket List


DIY Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially here! I’ve been dreaming of long summer days for weeks now. But if your family is anything like mine, once the “new” wears off, summer can get kind of boring. My toddler is definitely a get-out-of-the-house kind of person, so having something fun to do every day is essential to our summer survival.

This DIY Summer Bucket List is the perfect activity for toddlers, and it would even work for older kids, too. The clothespins are great motor-skills work for little ones, and they’ll love getting to add a new activity to their “bucket” once it’s complete!

To make this activity *really* easy, I used our list of 25 Family-Friendly Summer Activities in DFW to plan the items for our bucket list.

Ready to get started?

Here’s what you need:

Small bucket
Painter’s Tape
Paint Markers
Permanent Marker


Summer Bucket List-2

Using the painter’s tape and paint, add some fun stripes to your bucket. Paint the words “Summer Bucket List” on the bucket, too. Allow to dry completely.

Summer Bucket List-4Summer Bucket List-5

Add some paint to one side of the clothespins and let those dry completely.

Summer Bucket List-9

Write your activities on the clothespins, using one clothespin per activity.

Summer Bucket List-10Summer Bucket List-11

Line the top of the bucket with clothespins. As you finish an activity, remove it from the top of the bucket and put it inside the bucket.

Summer Bucket List-7

Isn’t it fun?

What activities would are on your Summer Bucket List?


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