A Dallas Birthday Party Secret


Originally published April 2015.
Updated in 2022 with current contact info and guidelines for booking parties at Allan Shivers Park.


I have a secret, but don’t tell anybody . . .

I recently stumbled across one of the best birthday party spots in town and just had to share with a few of my closest friends.

Have you ever been to the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children playground? If so, you know that the park is friendly for a variety of ages, from older elementary kiddos all the way down to your crawlers.


Back in 2011, Dallas Moms profiled the outdoor spot as a great playground for toddlers. And since then, the hospital overhauled the area with an even better and brand-new $1.9 million playground. Features include wide passages and specialty swings to accommodate wheelchairs and specific items for children with digital impairments.

Did you know the hospital allows reservations of its covered pavilion and the staff will set up tables (with tablecloths!) and chairs to fit your personal gathering needs?

The cost to you? Nada! Yes, you heard that right. This free service is part of Scottish Rite’s mission to give back to the community (although you can always make a donation to the hospital as a thank you).


The covered pavilion is large enough to easily hold 40 people, and there is an onsite ice machine, fridge, and microwave. It doesn’t get easier than this, folks. We’ve sung the praises of a good old-fashioned park birthday party on this site before.

Call the hospital at 214-559-7606 Monday–Friday and 214-559-5000 on weekends. Reservations fill up fast, so make sure and plan ahead for one of the easiest and cheapest birthday parties in town. Here are their birthday party guidelines!

More information:

Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is located at 2222 Welborn Street, and you will see the bright and colorful playground right out front. Scottish Rite is a world leader in pediatric orthopedic care and specializes in conditions like scoliosis, clubfoot, hand and hip disorders, in addition to certain neurological disorders.

Check out the Scottish Rite website to learn more about all of the hospital’s services.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. Because of you I was able to make a reservation for my son’s 2nd birthday party for this coming June. We are all super excited!

  2. Can food (other than a cake) be brought into the park?
    I plan to call on Monday…Tuesday if they are closed on Monday to make my reservation.


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