A Birthday Party on the Farm


Grisham Farms Birthday

We hosted my son’s 2nd birthday party last weekend at Grisham Farms Petting Zoo, and it was so much fun, that I had to share the location with you. Located in McKinney near Highway 75 and 380, Grisham Farms is a great outdoor party location.

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When you first walk up to the farm, there’s a bunch of playground equipment, a swing set, trampoline and rope swing for the kids to entertain themselves while the adults get to sit and chat. There’s plenty of tables and seating for parties.

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Once you’re ready, the kids move into the barn, where there are hay bales set up for seating as the Zoo Crew puts on a small animal presentation. Children get to learn fun facts about different mammals and reptiles — a guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla, porcupine, bearded lizard and a python. The kids were so excited to see each animal. I loved their brave faces as they reached out to pet some of the reptiles — so adorable. It definitely put them out of their comfort zone, but everyone was giggling and having a blast doing it.

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Then, we got to go out to feed the large animals — pigs, sheep, goats, a llama, donkey and horses. The farm staff gave us a big bucket of feed with cups for each kid. As they finished the feed in their cup, the kids could go back and refill it until the bucket was gone. It was really great that they got to feed the animals for a while and there was no rush for them to be done.

I couldn’t have been happier with our birthday party experience at Grisham Farms. It was very affordable and the staff was really helpful and kind to all the kids. It was apparent that they loved their animals, and were excited to help foster the kids’ excitement.  If you’re looking for a fun idea for a birthday party in the Dallas area, should you definitely check them out.

**I wasn’t compensated for writing this post — I just had a great experience and wanted to share it with you, too!**




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