9 Light Layer Wardrobe Staples {For Fall in Texas}


“Well it is Fall in Texas, and you know what that means.  Nothing.” Have you seen that meme? Or the one that says, “Fall in Texas basically means Summer but with pumpkins.” But it’s true, if we are lucky, we get a nice breeze or chill in the morning but are sweating by 11 am.  I am always so excited to pull out my sweaters, boots and scarves but then the sun beats down on me and I turn into a puddle just walking from the parking lot to the grocery store and I regret it! Sound familiar? Last year I got smart and started adding layered pieces into my wardrobe.  To me, it’s the only way to dress in those fun Fall pieces without literally losing my cool!

9 light layer wardrobe staples I use to enjoy a Texas Fall:

First Layer:

  1. T-shirts and Tanks

Stock up on Graphic T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and tanks for your first layer. Be sure to purchase longer shirts to pair with leggings as well as regular ones for joggers and jeans. Pull out your tanks for warmer days and save the long-sleeves for cooler ones. Those warmer days are a good way to still wear some of your favorite summer clothes by covering them with an extra layer.

Choose T-shirts in neutral colors so you can add pops of color in warm fall knits and flannels. But don’t be afraid to play with patterns either. A stripe, floral or animal print looks great under a cardigan or flannel!

Second Layer:

  1. Cardigans

Cardigans are a great option for a lighter layer.  They are incredibly versatile and look good over everything because they are easy to dress up or down. Not to mention they come in a variety of colors! I love this long open front option from Old Navy! It’s the perfect weight for a Texas Fall. Not too heavy but still cozy! It’s also long enough to pair with leggings which is a win in my book! I have at least 3 in my closet! A standard button up cardigan also pairs nicely with everything too!

  1. Rain Jacket

One thing we can expect a lot of in North Texas Fall is rain.  An item you are going to want in your wardrobe is a good rain jacket! 10 points if it has a hood! Pair it with some rain boots and you are good to go for those crazy thunderstorm on Fall days!

  1. Puffer Vest

I feel like this one is a given! Add some leggings and a pumpkin spice latte and you’re doing Fall right! Seriously though, I really think Puffer Vests are a perfect option for a Texas Fall because it adds a little warmth without going overboard.  Plus, you can always remove it if the weather decides to play tricks on you by starting off cool and ending up in the 90’s by the end of the day.

  1. Flannel

There’s no article of clothing that screams Fall more than a flannel.  A flannel pairs perfectly with jeans thrown over a graphic tee or buttoned up. If it gets too warm, it looks cute tied around your waist. Or throw a puffer vest over one for those cooler days! It’s definitely the most flexible wardrobe staple for a Fall in Texas.

  1. Hoodie

Every Momma needs a hoodie for those “hair up in a hat, leggings and no makeup at school pick up” days! A classic hoodie is the perfect cozy fall staple, but most especially in Texas.  They are the perfect weight for cooler days and can easily be pulled off for those warmer days.  I usually try to grab a pullover and a zip up as well as one that is lightweight and one that is a little heavier.

  1. Light Jacket

A light jacket is another Fall staple.  I love a classic jean jacket to throw over a dress or joggers. Another fun option is a bomber jacket.  Lately I have been seeing some cute patterned options which would look so good with your favorite pair of jeans!

3rd Layer

  1. Scarf

If we get really lucky, by November we will be able to start adding some extra layers for warmth! I love a knit scarf in a warm Fall color or a flannel scarf over a neutral colored top.

  1. Hats

I have to admit, I used to hate hats! But after becoming a Mom I realized hats are the dry shampoo of accessories.  Mix it up! Keep a beanie, floppy hat and baseball hat all in rotation.

It’s time to pull out those leggings, joggers and boots! Have fun mixing and matching these Fall wardrobe pieces so that you will be ready for whatever the Texas weather has to throw at you!


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