7 Tips for a Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve at Home


NYE crackers, New Year's Eve with kids

Parties aren’t really my thing, but I have always enjoyed the New Year’s Eve tradition of reflecting on a year gone by and thinking about hopes for the next one. This year we will be spending our NYE at home and helping our children celebrate, plan, and appreciate. Here are 7 tips for a family-friendly New Year’s Eve at home:

1. Get in the spirit and whip up some fun fizzy drinks for the little ones and maybe some mimosas for the grownups.

Keep it simple with a few blackberries dropped in a glass of Sprite or sparkling apple cider for the kids. Or serve hot chocolate in a fun mug. They’ll love the novelty and festivity. If you have a picky eater, consider serving some of their favorite treats.

2. Read a book together that fits the theme.

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution is a fun one for young readers. And the story offers an opportunity to talk about the tradition of setting resolutions and what works or what doesn’t work when we set goals.

3. Set tiny goals together for resolutions you will keep.

You can write them down individually or even set a Top 10 list as a family. These should be small, easily achievable goals. Mini goals will add up over the year and help you achieve other resolutions you may have in mind. If you want your children to read more, a helpful goal may be to read one book a week. If they’re already reading chapter books, perhaps one book a month is the goal. My son wants to learn to cook and bake. One of our goals will be to have him help prepare meals at least once a week.

4. Get creative and reflect.

Pull out the markers and crayons. Write down your favorite moments from the year. Have each family member make a list or draw pictures of their Top 5 moments or memories of the year. Display these on the fridge or someplace where they will spark joy and happy memories whenever you see them. This should result in some fun and funny conversations, too. What do you notice about these lists? Is there a lot of overlap in what you all rank in your Top 5? Does this give you any new inspiration for your goals for the upcoming year?

5. Get cozy and stay up late for New Year’s Eve.

I usually fall asleep before midnight. Maybe this year I’ll manage to stay awake. Maybe we’ll turn on some music and have a dance party in the living room. Or maybe we’ll snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie or a favorite show together.

6. Ring in the new year with the New Year’s Eve Countdown Collection on Netflix where your kids can catch countdowns, fireworks, and more.

Our kids love these little NYE specials. If we can stay awake late enough, we’ll watch the Times Square Ball drop live right from our living room. That is, of course, if I haven’t already fallen asleep on the couch.

7. One thing I am looking forward to this NYE is for each of us to find a few items to donate.

These can be books, toys, outgrown clothes that are still in great condition. We will talk about ways we want to help someone else have a happy new year. I want to foster generosity, a sense of community, and gratitude by giving to others in the ways we can. We’ll put all the items in a box to be dropped off at donation center, or I may list them in a local mom group or Buy Nothing group online.

Whatever you have planned this New Year’s Eve, I hope you enjoy it. May your new year be filled with hope, kindness, a sense of purpose, and lots of sweet moments.


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