7+ Things New Moms Need to Order From Amazon Right Now


AmazonI will begin with this. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, get yourself one. It is definitely not the only way I shop, but I use it so frequently for so many things. Random things I need for our preschool (I got nearly every school supply through Amazon this year because who wants to traipse around Walmart with three kids under 4?), home improvement items, electronics, toys, gifts, books of course… I do the grocery shopping the old fashioned way (kinda, thanks to Walmart Grocery Pickup), but pretty much the only time I don’t do Amazon for other stuff is if 1) I need it immediately, 2) it’s something I need to touch before I buy, 3) I’m already committed to another brand (like Target diapers!)

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve found on Amazon these last 4-5 months (some of which aren’t available in stores!) counting down to my very favorite find!

8. Shirt clip – this is one of those silly things I found that I actually really like. 98% of the time I don’t wear “nursing tops” and just do the two shirt method. I either wear a cami with the shelf bra inside or I wear a nursing bra with a $2 cami from Walmart looped around the hooks (see here for a tutorial). Either way I have to lift and hold my top shirt up and while some shirts stay others I awkwardly hold in place with my chin and armpit… you know the move! Anyway, I keep this simple little thing clipped to my nursing cover and whip it out whenever I need to!

7. Nursing clothes – this is one I added because you may not realize Amazon has a great clothing selection too.  It’s hard to find nursing clothes in stores, so it’s great to have another source. I do weed through and find things with positive reviews and read comments about fit first, but I haven’t had bad luck yet. Here are a few of my favorites: maxi dress, striped dress, layered camisole, sleeveless top.

6. Nursing bra – ok these are not pretty. These are not date night bras. But they are comfy. I can sleep in them but can also wear to work under real clothes. I will add the disclaimer than I am only moderately endowed so I’m not sure if they are enough support for bustier mamas!

5. Probiotic drops – these were recommended to me by a sweet friend when my daughter’s battle with reflux and low weight gain and all sorts of other things began. I had powdered infant probiotics that you add to a bottle, but when baby doesn’t take a bottle that’s kind of pointless. These are tasteless and easy to give.

4. Spectra adaptors – I got a Spectra S2 pump from my insurance and it’s fabulous. My Medela Pump that I used with my first two has been great too, and because I used it for so long and through a NICU stay I have dozens of the Medela 80 mL bottles. These little adapters allow me to use all my old bottles with no problem! The Spectra is a newer option and is highly rated, but isn’t as convenient since the parts aren’t available in stores like Medela parts are.

3. Pumping bra – this is a game changer for pumping moms. I actually ordered this while still in the hospital when I realized I was going to be pumping for another NICU baby. My old pumping bra was from Medela and although it did the trick it was not ideal. This one feels comfy, is super adjustable, and the way the flanges are held in place makes it much easier to get hooked up and cleaned up at the end!

2. Silicone suction pump– I annoyingly let down and leak on both sides everytime I nurse. I usually apply pressure to the breast to stop the flow, but this takes advantage of that and catches the leakage for you. You’ve probably seen the “Milkies” milk saver thingys, but this is even better. You suction it on, and then as you nurse on one side, this catches and somewhat pulls milk from the other. This is great if: you have an oversupply-_take some of that foremilk on before baby latches; if you have a forceful letdown–let this catch the crazy fast milk and then put baby to the breast; or maybe if you just need to pump enough for a date night bottle or something–rather than mess with all the parts for an electric pump, after a few feedings with this on you’ll have what you need.

1. Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit – this is by far my favorite thing on the list. It’s amazing. This is how my daughter slept her first seven hour stretch. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. A friend offered hers up to try when I posted on Facebook about sleep troubles, and the “magic” was so immediate I ordered one for ourselves!


As much as I love Amazon (Prime Video is awesome as well), I will warn you to be careful with shopping overnight, at least if you’re as out of it as I am.  The 2 am feeding is not the time to make an order, or else you might end up with a surprise or two.  Not that I have personal experience with that or anything… ๐Ÿ˜›


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