7 Resources for Explaining Coronavirus and Social Distancing to Young Kids


“Where are we going today?” is 2020’s version of “Are we there yet?”. Every day my preschooler is asking, “can we go to the zoo?”, “are the playgrounds open yet?”, etc, etc.

Fortunately, we are still able to get outside for a walk or a scooter ride so we don’t go completely stir-crazy. But I’ve been looking for resources to explain social distancing and why all of our favorite places are closed.

Here are several resources to help kiddos learn about social distancing, hand washing, and more.

KIDS explain Social Distancing

This 3-minute video was posted on March 17th. The kids share 6 tips you and your family can use during social distancing. One note they added in the caption: At the time of filming, 3 feet was the recommended distance for Social Distancing. It has since been updated to 6 feet.

The Wiggles: Social Distancing

The Wiggles are here to help! The importance of staying home and social distancing doesn’t have to be a scary conversation. You can sing and dance along at home and become a handwashing hero!

Time to Come In, Bear

“It isn’t forever bear, just for a time.”

Bubble Guppies Wash ‘Em Off

We’ve all heard the recommendation to wash our hands to the tune of “Happy Birthday”, you’re also welcome to get this song stuck in your head! Hey, whatever works.

Nickelodeon’s #KidsTogether Town Hall with Kristen Bell

#KidsTogether is intended to serve as an additional resource for parents while providing kid-appropriate, kid-directed information through original short-form videos, interstitials, downloadable activities and social content, with elements aggregated for easy access on a central online destination, NickHelps.com.

Kristen Bell interviews a doctor, asks celebrity guests several “Fact or Fiction” questions, and in usual Nickelodeon fashion fun clips are added in to keep the kid’s attention. This is 45 minutes long, so grab a snack and watch as a family.

ABC Life: How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

This in-depth article on ABC Life by Lawrence Leung touches on several pointers for leading a discussion with young kids about coronavirus. I know I’ve had several of these exact conversations with my curious 4-year-old. I appreciate that Lawrence breaks down the info by children’s ages.

Printable: #COVIBOOK

Mindheart created a printable booklet called #COVIBOOK targeted to kids under age 7. It touches on emotions through questions and activities. I appreciate that it’s available in several languages!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen any other helpful kid-friendly videos, printables, or other resources relating to Coronavirus.

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