7 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts {for Someone Else} to Make


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! As mothers, we are generally the ones to thoughtfully plan out each and every holiday. Mother’s Day is our turn to sit back and let our loved ones spoil us for a change. So, Moms, go ahead and forward this post to your significant other, because I have 7 easy DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that you will love and cherish forever!

Or save these ideas for the grandmas, aunts, and godmothers in your kiddos’ lives—I promise, they will love them too!

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Handprint Potholders

This one is easy and precious for the mom who is in the kitchen quite a bit. Get a solid color set of potholders and some fabric paint. Paint your child’s hand and transfer it to the potholder. Add details, names, dates, etc.

Tip: Gift Mom a night off from cooking and cleaning up from dinner. She can use those potholders tomorrow.

custom mother's day potholders

2. Orange Vanilla Sugar Scrub

For the mom who could use a little pampering, this gift is perfect! I love that the ingredients are clean, and it smells AMAZING! Not to mention, it’s easier than mixing up a batch of cookies! Simply mix together:

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • ½ cup of coconut oil
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • 4 drops of orange (or another scent) essential oil

Tip: Store in a mason jar, then pour Mom a glass of wine and tell her to take a long luxurious bath. She can use the sugar scrub to exfoliate!

3. Mom Coupons

Put together a cute coupon book like this one. Print a free one or create your own! Coupon ideas:

  • Kids do the dishes tonight
  • Dad grills
  • An afternoon out alone
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Car clean-out
  • Sleeping in
  • Honey-do list

Tip: Get the kids involved in deciding what 10–20 things Mom would really appreciate.

4. Artwork Gifts

This one will need to be planned with plenty of time to spare: Give Mom your child’s artwork. There are so many fun ways to do this! Print your child’s artwork on a number of gift items (stationery, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, tea towels, etc.). Check out online shops such as Shutterfly and Snapfish. Or support local shops like Big Frog Custom T-shirts and More, Minuteman Press, or DFW Stickers. Another fun option is to paint some pottery for Mom. Check out Paint ‘N Party, Quiggly’s Clayhouse or Color Me Mine.

Tip: A mom can never get enough of her sweet children’s handprints. They grow too fast!

5. Hand-Painted Flowerpots

If you are thinking of buying a bouquet of flowers, try this instead: Head to your local nursery and buy her flowers that will last all season long. Plant them in flowerpots decorated by your kids. Another nice idea is to plant herbs she can use in her cooking.

Tip: Choose flowers in her favorite color and paint something cute on the pot like “Your love helps me grow.”

6. DIY Picture Frame

If you have a sentimental mama, print a few of her favorite photos and have your kids help you make a photo clipboard like this one.

Tip: Book a local photographer for a Mommy & Me session and use those photos!

7. Handprint Ring Holder

Buy some air-dry Sculpey and trace your child’s hand. Carefully trim out the handprint.  Spread the tiny fingers apart and place over a ramekin or small bowl to dry, creating a dish shape out of the palm. Once the hand is fully dry, you can have your child paint it if they like. Mom can put her rings on your child’s little fingers and add jewelry to the dish. I keep mine in my bathroom and I love it!

Tip: Pick out a ring or necklace with your children’s birthstones to gift with it!

Whatever you do, plan ahead, get creative, and involve the kids. She will feel so touched that you made an effort to make her day feel special.

Moms, what are you wishing for this year for Mother’s Day?

If you need a Mother’s Day activity to go with your gift, check out our post on Mother’s Day Activities & the Best Brunch Spots in Dallas.


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