The 7 Best DFW Patio Drinks


Moms, the weather is changing and it’s starting to look a lot like patio season!  There is just something so relaxing about sipping a delicious drink while soaking up the rays.  Unfortunately, I’m not exactly hip to the scene anymore so I decided to reach out for professional help from Dallas cocktail blogger, Susie Drinks Dallas.  Susie knows DFW cocktails like it’s her job- well, actually, it IS her job. So, when I reached out for help, she delivered a list a doesn’t disappoint.

The 7 Best DFW Patio Drinks

The Rustic (Uptown) – Frozen Sangria

This frozen dream is 1) huge, 2) strong.  You’ll need both.  For extra cool points with your kids, ask them to add a popsicle!  (And don’t forget sunscreen … there’s limited shade in the yard.)

Mexican Sugar (Plano) – Hibiscus Margarita ($11)

Get a little fiesta going on their patio with one of their amazing drinks.  The margarita menu here is unreal with options like the Hibiscus Margarita and, my personal favorite, the A Propósito with Pisco Porton cucumber, mint, and lime!!

Woodshed Smokehouse (Fort Worth) – The Colonial Margarita ($14)

This baby … packs a punch.  Have Daddy drive and limit yourself to two.  No sips for the kids here!  It’s made with love … or … by (Tim) Love with his own Herradura Reposado Tequila and Gran Marnier.

 Woodshed Smokehouse - The Colonial Margarita
Woodshed Smokehouse – The Colonial Margarita

Nora (Lower Greenville) – The Silk Road ($12)

The Nora rooftop patio is a great place to take a load off and rise above the chaos of Lower Greenville.  Thanks to the pagodas, it almost feels like you’re on a romantic getaway, and the drinks help even more.  Try the Silk Road (Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Vya sweet vermouth, orgeat, Angostura bitters, orange bitters), which is their variation on the classic Old Fashioned.
The Foundry/Chicken Scratch (West Dallas)

This family-friendly outdoor hangout has some damn good fried chicken and a stout drink.  They host live music and DJs in the evening, so err on the side of afternoons!
Proper on Magnolia (Fort Worth) – Bartender’s Choice

When a bar does things well, you should be able to put your faith in the talent of the bar(wo)men.  Proper is the perfect example–tell them what you like and what you don’t and they’ll make you a cocktail to fit your whims.  Ask them what fun infusions they’re working on for a really unique drink.  Bonus: it’s sandwiched between two restaurants and they’ll deliver your to-go order to the patio for you!
YO Ranch Steakhouse (West End) – Front Porch Fizz ($12)

Who doesn’t love a cocktail with a champagne topper?  This sparkly refresher is topped with Albuquerque’s own Gruet sparkling wine … don’t laugh … it’s actually good!  Add some strawberries and lemon and you’ve got the perfect drink for a warm afternoon.  And don’t miss out on Louie’s Venison Roll Ups.

YO Ranch Steakhouse - Front Porch Fizz
YO Ranch Steakhouse – Front Porch Fizz

BONUS: For the mom that’s expecting … don’t deprive yourself of a good “cocktail”!  Cook Hall (Victory Park) at the W just rolled out its new cocktail, the Strawberry Shrub Soda!


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