6 Parents to Follow on TikTok


In the early days of my TikTok consumption, I didn’t talk about it much. I, like many, assumed it was an app “for the young kids”. Turns out there are over 1 BILLION videos views on the TikTok tag #momsover40. Fast forward to summer 2021, and I am now a full-blown TikTok fan club. On average I say “I saw this thing on TikTok” 27 times per week. Whether you are a TikTok video watching pro, with a highly curated FYP, or you have yet to download the app, I have some suggestions for fellow parents you might like to follow.

Parents to Follow on TikTok


MammyBanter, aka Serena Terry, is based in the UK. She’s equal parts comedian and actress. Her parenting skits are so relatable that I frequently see comments in her videos like “why are you spying on me”. Her Irish accent adds an extra element of humor to her already hilarious antics.

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MommaCusses is a mom to a teen and toddler twins. She was one of the first mom accounts I stumbled across, and I’m constantly entertained by her content. One of my favorites series from MommaCusses is a joint effort between her and her teenage daughter, they do music challenges and her teen has an impressive knowledge of nostalgic music. A bonus about MommaCusses: she has some fun hair + makeup! Wild colors can be spotted on her eyelids, as well as varying percentages of her hair.

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What can I say about Emily Vondrachek besides “girl can sang!”. TheVondyFam writes and performs momma-related songs so frequently I’m wondering how she manages to parent her 3 children (while being pregnant). A fun bonus about Emily, she has the most fabulous curls. I’ve watched several of her hair tutorials, even though my hair doesn’t even have a single wave.

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Are you on team “Target is my BFF”? Then you need to follow Kiersti Torok aka torok.coupon.hunter. I recently learned from Torok that Target has toy clearance in the summer to make room for holiday items. HOLIDAY? Kiersti shares step-by-step money-saving videos for various retailers. She walks through the stores, and tells you exactly which app (like Ibotta/Fetch) to submit each product for extreme savings, and even sometimes freebies. I am pretty tech-savvy, but I never really got into couponing so I appreciate someone who will hold my hand and do the research for me.

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Warning, if you are dieting ya might not want to peek at Ali Grace’s profile. This mama is a serious cook and she’s guaranteed to have a recipe or three that you will want to try. Ali’s family recently deployed to Germany with the Army so her current videos include an inside view of German grocery stores. Before their move, they were based in Alabama, which you’d quickly figure out based on her accent alone.

Fav recipe from Ali: Meatball Pizza Wrap | Ali Grace TikTok

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Gavin Braman is a dad of two, a two-year-old and a five-year-old. Several of his videos are of him re-enacting what he thinks his children are thinking, err plotting, during their toddler antics. I find them quite amusing because a) he doesn’t shy away from getting messy so his viewers get the full experience (hello entire bottle of milk spilled all over the table) b) his kids are the exact same age as ours and yeahhhhh we can relate.

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Bonus: Grandma_Droniak

Grandma Droniak might be the most loved grandma on TikTok. At 91 years old, she’s known for her witty comebacks, typically with added snark, and occasional outfit features. If you’re not familiar with TikTok, creators can share videos using other people’s audio. Grandma Droniak’s “here’s my outfit in the bathroom” audio has been reused over and over.

Fav content from Grandma: Granny, do you have a boyfriend?


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