6 Budget-Friendly Summer Adventures


Summertime in our house is a perfect time to relax, have fun, and seek out new adventures. As a mom, I’m always on the lookout for the most budget-friendly (free, please!) places that offer a fun environment for kids but also provides some education at the same time. In the DFW area, we have found several of these exact places. Your family will love these budget-friendly summer adventures!

Budget-Friendly Summer Adventures

Always call to be sure any location is open prior to visiting.

City Services

In Garland, there are a couple kid-friendly stops to make: First up, the Wastewater Treatment Plant. We booked a tour of the plant and got a one-on-one tour with an employee and an educational presentation explaining what they do for our state. My kids were so engaged! They talk about this summer adventure to this day. Pro tip: Book your visit as early in the morning as possible because it will get hot out there! 

Next up, we went to the Garland Environmental Waste Services Department. (We even had a garbage man-themed birthday that year!) They have a whole educational program set up for kids to enjoy. Even I learned some things about all the services they offer to our city. If your kids are obsessed with the garbage man, this is a must-do in your neighborhood. (Check your city’s website for other educational programs and tours near you!) 

First Responders

One of our favorite stops was to visit our neighborhood fire and police stations. All I needed to do was call the front office of each to schedule appointments. The kids loved getting to see all the equipment and tools our first responders use, and I loved that we got to learn fire and safety tips along the way. Pro tip: Take some treats for the firefighters and police officers!


In Frisco, you and your family can visit Fire Safety Town. During the tour, you’re led by a firefighter and get to see a real working firehouse plus equipment from years of firefighters. Outside, the kids get to tour the “town” on bicycles and practice biking safety. My kids cried when we left Safety town—I’m guessing they loved it! Pro-tip: Make sure the kids wear tennis shoes as the tour has some climbing and they will need them to ride the bikes.

Tons of History

Plan a day trip to Fort Worth and take the whole family to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Their hours are Tuesday through Friday, 8:30–5:30pm, and admission is free! The tour features tour guides, self-guided tours, and an audio tour. You can see the plant where they make our money, tons of historical tools and photos, and even watch a movie about all things money. Pro-tip: No phones or cameras are allowed inside (I don’t have one picture!). 

Head east towards Greenville into Sulfur Springs, and you’ll find the Southwest Dairy Farm Museum. They are open Monday through Friday, 9am–4pm, and admission is free! Inside, you will learn all about milk and butter making and the ice cream process. The museum is full of tools and fun dairy history that kids and adults will love. You may even get a treat at the end! While you’re in Sulphur Springs, swing by downtown and use the 2-way mirror glass restrooms. The kids will get a kick out of using the bathroom “outside!” 

Summer of Adventures

Never want to hear that your sweet babies are bored again this summer? Check out this link for some other summer boredom busters. Then, try all of these great trips to save your sanity and save your wallet! Remember, never be afraid to ask about a tour and encourage your kids to get involved in every way that they can. I know that my boys will always remember these unique budget-friendly adventures and experiences.


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