5 YouTube Stars You will Want Your Kids to Follow


I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube.

Love the endless supply of free, high-quality educational content for my kids.

Hate the app’s autoplay feature, which allows the app to continually feed algorithmically curated videos to my kids until someone (me) shuts it off. And we all know how quickly the algorithm can bring up questionable content.

With that said, there are some truly great YouTube stars my kids and I follow together.

Dallas moms YouTube star Moriah ElizabethHere are 5 YouTube stars you’ll want your kids to follow.

Binging with Babish

Ever wanted to try Judy’s hot chocolate from The Santa Clause? Marmalade sandwiches from Paddington Bear? Ted Lasso’s biscuits?

Check out Binging with Babish, a cooking show dedicated to finding out what foods from fiction actually taste like, mostly delicious, occasionally disgusting. Recipes are included.

Best for: little kids, tweens, and teens
Quick take: recipes you will want to try with your kids, and some better left to the imagination

Micarah Tewers

Seamstress Micarah Tewers shows you how to turn thrift store clothes into celebrity gowns and Disney princess dresses, most costing her less than $20 to make.

With four girls, hand-me-downs are a fact of life in my household. Tewer’s videos have encouraged my girls to give their sisters’ old clothes new life with a few changes

Best for: little kids, tweens, and teens
Quick take: the makings of a beautiful princess dress are already in your closet

Moriah Elizabeth

Moriah Elizabeth is best known for making over squishies donated from her fans that are broken, drawn on, or missing a part. She uses her imagination (and an array of cool art supplies) to create an entirely new and original character.

Moriah bucks against our “throwaway culture” by bringing new life to old, cheap toys that are ordinarily discarded. She’s inspired my kids to give their broken toys makeovers rather than to ask for new ones.

An added bonus for the parents—there is a fair amount of snark in her videos. Nothing inappropriate for young kids, but just enough to make her videos funny for older kids and adults.

Best for: little kids, tweens, and teens
Quick take: cool art projects served with a side of snark

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Overly Sarcastic Productions

Overly Sarcastic Productions makes wildly entertaining (and factually accurate) videos about myths, classical literature, and history.

If your kid is fascinated with mythology after reading the Percy Jackson series, or struggling to get through Edith Hamilton’s Mythology in English class, they will love these videos.

Best for: tweens and teens
Quick take: your kids will understand and laugh at Shakespeare’s jokes after watching these videos

Weird Explorer

If your kids are fascinated by the exotic, pricey fruit in Central Market or Whole Foods, you need to follow this guy.

Jared Rydelek travels the world to try exotic fruit. Yes, he makes a living eating weird fruit. He’s reviewed hundreds of fruit in 25 different countries. His videos have inspired my kids to be more adventurous in their fruit consumption.

Best for: little kids, tweens, and teens
Quick take: your kids will want to give dragon fruit a try after watching these videos.

Who is your kid’s favorite YouTube star?


  1. White Castle burgers from Binging with Babish! It’s kind of a bizarre way to make burgers but turns out great. Seconding Moriah Elizabeth. My 10-year-old daughter loves her.


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