5 Tips to Streamline Your Spring Cleaning


Cleaning supplies such as rubber gloves, multipurpose solution, and towels.As the temperature rises and winter coats are packed away, the need to spring clean grows within the soul of mothers everywhere. We yearn to vacuum, scrub, and organize everything in sight. What can go wrong for a mom on a mission to deep clean?

I’m probably not alone in admitting my cleaning ambitions have gotten the better of me a time or two. Somehow, there’s never enough time to do it all.

Can Moms Do It All?

Before motherhood, I started my spring cleaning wherever and let the process guide me. Ran out of cleaner? Went to the store. Needed new organizers? Went to the store. Decided to deep clean the carpet? You get the pattern . . . .

As a mom, I don’t have the luxury of time or the fund funds to wing it. I also (begrudgingly) accept that I can’t do everything on my list within a weekend. Instead of fretting about what I can’t do, I focus on what I can do. (I’m a glass-half-full person.)

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A Mom Helping Moms

To maximize my time, I strategize like a mother. Dare I say, even my own mother admits my cleaning strategy trumps hers. I know that makes her proud.

To make the most of your efforts, I’m sharing my top five tips to streamline your spring cleaning. They may seem simple, but they’re efficient and effective.

  1. Prioritize. Do you need to clean out clothes? Reorganize a closet? Deep-clean the fridge? When were your baseboards last dusted? Whatever needs attention, write it down. “Brain dump” your to-do list and assign numbers. There’s no wrong way to prioritize. Tip: Group small, quick tasks together.
  2. Schedule. Look at your calendar and block time. Be generous. If you think completing a task will take one hour, block 90 minutes. If you complete a task faster, tackle a smaller/less time-consuming task or enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

    Try to schedule childcare, especially if you need 100 percent focus (like cleaning out your closet) or will be using strong smelling supplies.
  3. Have a plan. Specifically, plan your workflow. If “clean my bedroom” is your task, write down what you’ll clean first, second, third, etc. Always start at the top — literally. Dust corners, fans, and furniture before swapping linens and vacuuming. Disassemble a vent hood before cleaning the stove. You get the gist. Tip: Be specific with your priority list so you can schedule and plan effectively. You may learn you’re more efficient grouping different spaces, like a main bedroom and bathroom, versus two bedrooms. The goal is to complete tasks efficiently so you feel successful and maximize time allotted. This has become a tried-and-true part of my cleaning strategy, and the results are impactful. I rarely need to re-clean surfaces or backtrack. That’s a mom win!
  4. Stock up. This sounds obvious, but no one likes stopping mid-task to go to the store. Make a list of supplies needed and take inventory of what you have. Pick up containers and check how much remains; don’t peek in a cupboard and guess. Organize your list before shopping and purchase extra. Tip: Utilize multipurpose cleaners to minimize cost and storage. For example, Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and white vinegar are a powerful, affordable trio that are safe for many surfaces. Remember that some surfaces, like floors and counters, require specialty cleaners. Research the specifics for your home to avoid voiding a warranty (or ruining a beautiful counter).
    a colorful assortment of cleaninng supplies, without labels, are presented on a bright blue background.
  5. Take notes. As you work through your to-clean list, make notes to help your future self when you do a deep spring cleaning. Some details I find helpful are:
  • Time required to complete a task.
  • Adjustments to my plan, like cleaning order or if I had help.
  • Supplies used, effectiveness, and if I liked/disliked them.Things I need to consider the next time. For example, I purchased a carpet cleaner last fall and ambitiously thought I could do my entire house in one day. I forgot to plan time to read the instructions, set up the machine, and move furniture. I also struggled moving furniture alone. Tip: Keep a running list on your phone for easy access and updates.
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The Result

Spring cleaning can be daunting. Tackle what you can and create a plan for the rest. If you need help, don’t hesitate to hire professionals. A one-time deep clean or organizing session can jumpstart your maintenance phase. It’s okay to have someone else tackle the nooks and crevices while you enjoy some mommy time.

No home is spotless all of the time . . . but a mom can dream!


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