5 Things I Learned in the First Few Weeks of Motherhood (+$200 Dr. Smith’s Giveaway}

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The first weeks after I became a mom were some of the most beautiful, terrifying weeks of my life. I was full of worry and self-doubt, but I was also consumed with love for this sweet baby girl. Here are 5 Things I Learned in the First Few Weeks of Motherhood:

1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!5 Things I Learned in the First Few Weeks of Motherhood - Sleep

I felt so guilty every time I went to take a nap during those first few weeks. Weren’t there dishes to be done? Wasn’t laundry piling up? Wouldn’t someone want to eat dinner eventually? The answer to all of those questions may be yes, but my body had just gone through a huge emotional and physical change. In an effort to be a supermom, I actually made my recovery time longer because I did not get enough rest when I got home from the hospital. 

2. People really want to help.

I struggled with postpartum depression, so one of the biggest things I learned during the first few weeks of parenting was how to accept help. Before I gave birth, women came alongside me and earnestly told me that they were available if I needed help. When my husband went back to work, I swallowed my pride, called those women, and asked them to help me. It was the single best decision I made. The times when they came over were some of the only times I got a shower and actually slept.

3. Every mom will find her own rhythm.5 Things I Learned in Motherhood - Megan Harney for Dallas Moms Blog

While I was pregnant, I read more baby books than any sane woman should. I knew all the popular opinions on every issue from breastfeeding to car seat safety. I rehearsed situations while I couldn’t sleep so that I would be prepared for anything. The reality is, you have no idea how you are going to feel about a situation until you are in the middle of it. Some moms will cloth diaper while others buy disposable. Some moms will strictly breastfeed while others will supplement or use only formula. I fell somewhere in the middle of most issues and found my own unique way of dealing with them. I had plenty of critics, but when I tuned them out and became confident in my decisions, my life as a mom got a lot easier.

4. Being outside makes a world of difference.

One of the biggest temptations of the first few weeks is to stay cooped up inside. While I definitely needed that time inside for awhile, the day I decided to take the baby bouncer and my mug of mint tea to our back porch changed my life. Alright…maybe not my life, but definitely my mood! Something about the fresh air and the change of scenery lifted my spirits and helped me to feel like a real person again.

5. Easier is always better!

During those first few weeks after the delivery of our baby girl, I struggled to find time to eat, take a shower, and even step outside of the house. When we did get out, I needed everything to be as convenient as possible. Some tools in my arsenal diaper bag that made my life so much easier were: travel wipes, extra (clean) pacifiers, scented doggie poo bags (perfect for soiled diapers!), and Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray. This spray was gentle, fast acting, and so simple to use. It definitely made my life easier during those first few crazy weeks.Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Ointment and Spray Family Photo[2] (1)

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What are some things you learned during your first few weeks of being a parent?

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