5 Quick and Easy Springtime Meals


Spring is upon us and that means spring sports, the last half of the school year to get through, and we finally have more daylight and (for the most part) nicer weather, so everyone is outside making the most of that. Spring is busy! This time of year also features some of the most vibrant and tasty veggies, and with quick and easy meals, you can still find the time to enjoy fresh, home-cooked meals and not live off of drive-thru and take out. The best part about these meals is that they are very versatile. You can change out proteins or in some cases, if you’re like me and try to do a couple meatless meals a week, just pack on the veggies. The veggies can be interchangeable too. When you pick out vegetables at the grocery store, whatever looks the best that day will work!

Here are my favorite springtime meals:

springtime meals


This particular one is a favorite of mine because it is so adaptable. Have sausage on hand? Use that instead of chicken. Forgot to take your protein out of the freezer? Go meatless! This recipe is so very forgiving and always delicious. 


These foil packets pack a punch and are ready in under thirty minutes so there is almost no excuse for not being able to get a fresh and healthy meal in on a weeknight! I like to serve it with minute rice to throw in some carbs to help satisfy my son’s insatiable appetite after baseball practice!


This recipe is another super flexible one that you can add or leave out as much as you want! Don’t forget the cheese, either. In fact, use more than one, and go for the cheddar and the colby jack. The cheesier the better! This one is also a favorite because it is a great make ahead option that you can pop in the oven when you are ready.

     springtime meals4. SHEET PAN LEMON CHICKEN


I love sheet pan recipes and this one is possibly my favorite. The lemon makes it bright and fresh and I love any meal where you can throw everything on one pan and it will all be ready at the same time. Add some rosemary sprigs and some parmesan shavings at the end and it looks way fancier than a thirty minute go-to weeknight meal.


I eat salads almost every day for lunch and I never get tired of them because they can always be changed up. This makes this meal one of the best for any season because you can showcase what is in season but most especially for spring because there are so many bright veggies in season. 



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