5 Minute Hair :: Easy Hairstyles For Your Little Girl


When my daughter wakes up in the morning her hair is crazy. We wash it at night and she often goes to bed with it damp (and despite my mother sternly warning against this practice, she has never caught a cold doing this!).  In the morning we are left with a mess of bed head. Some days she has intricate requests for hair styling and other mornings we may be long on hair… but we are short on time!

If your mornings sound like mine, here are some easy 5 minute hair styles for your little girl. These will work on most hair lengths and require very little hair styling knowledge. 

Five Minute Little Girl Hair - The Must HavesTools

Here are the hair-do must haves I keep in my daughter’s bathroom:

  • Spray bottle with plain water
  • 2 brushes – a detangling brush (we love The Wet Brush found at Target/Wal-Mart/Amazon) and a natural brush for getting the hair extra smooth
  • Detangler spray 
  • Light hair spray
  • Hair ties – small elastic, large elastic and decorative elastic
  • Comb

Style One :: The Ponytail Flip

Five Minute Little Girl Hair - Ponytail Flip CollageLightly spray hair with plain water (and detangled as needed) and comb smooth. Then use the natural fiber brush to smooth hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Part the hair above the elastic in half. You will take your ponytail and twist over the top and through that opening. That’s it. Then you have a cute little twist on a regular ponytail. You can spritz some hairspray to keep everything smooth and in place and finish here. Or you can braid (or even fishtail) the end and secure with another elastic. 

Style Two :: The Ponytail Braid

Five Minute Little Girl Hair - Ponytail Braid CollageStarting at the temples use your comb to separate the top section of hair into a ponytail. Secure with a small elastic. Repeat that same step by creating another ponytail beneath the first one and continue until you reach the nape of the neck. At this point, you can stop and leave the ponytail loose. Or you can continue to add elastics to the ponytail as pictured. My daughter especially loves when I use elastics in the order of the rainbow going down the ‘braid.’

Style Three :: The Braid Tie Back

Five Minute Little Girl Hair - Braid Tie Back CollageLightly spray hair with plain water (and detangled as needed) and comb smooth. Separate two sections of hair near the face. Braid each one and secure with an elastic. Then connect the two braids with another elastic in the back of the head. You can cover the multiple elastics with a decorative rubber band or a bow. This is one of our favorites because it keeps all those baby hairs from around the face secured, but otherwise lets her wear her hair loose. Finish with a light hair spray. 

Style Four :: The Curly Pony

Five Minute Little Girl Hair - Curly Pony CollageIf you are short on time and a simple ponytail seems just too simple… curl it! It takes less than 5 minutes if you divide the hair into a few small sections. My daughter’s hair is long and medium thickness, so I have found that three sections works for us, but you might need more or less. Wrap each section around curling iron and hold for a few seconds. When you release, give the curl a quick spritz of hair spray and wait until it cools to brush or comb. That will help it last longer. Add a big fun bow (like this one from Well Bowed) or a bright elastic and you have a really cute and easy ponytail. 

Style Five :: Curled Ends

Five Minute Little Girl Hair - Curled Ends CollageSecure hair in a ponytail with a decorative elastic. Section the hair into 3-5 sections as described above and curl each section. Once each section is curled, remove the elastic and run your fingers through the curls. This is a really easy and fast way to curl hair when you only have a few minutes. 


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