5 Family-Friendly Ways to Embrace Snow in Texas


So, they say there’s going to be snow in Dallas…

While many native Dallasites know not to get our hopes up (as snow is typically just a wintery urban legend), it’s hard to not start daydreaming about waking up to a white wonderland and frolicking with our kids in the snow.

So, in the event that our meteorologists predict the weather correctly and snow does finally make it to North Texas, we’ve come up with a few simple & easy ways you can fully embrace the upcoming Snow Days with your family!

snow1) Turn Your Summer Gear Into Snow Gear

You don’t need to head out and purchase snow sleds, snow tubes, or ice skates for this rare event. Simply search through your summer storage shed for inflatables and boogie boards that can be used for a quick run down a hill.

Yes, even those sand molds from your summer trip to the beach can work in the snow too! Make a snow castle or shapes instead of a standard snowman.

And since it’s Texas, many of our favorite stores like Target, Walmart, and Costco already have summer items out, so if you do need to stock up on a few supplies, you shouldn’t have to venture very far.

2) Make Snow Cones or Snow Ice Cream

Snow is instant dessert waiting to be eaten! Set out several bowls leading up to the anticipated snowfall and you’ll have instant snow cone ingredients. (This also helps relieve any anxiety you might have about collecting extra earthy materials when you gather snow off the ground.)

You may already have some Snow Cone syrup flavors laying around from summer time, but if not, grab your favorite Kool-Aid flavors and make your own!

Snow Cone Syrup Ingredients:

  • 1 packet Kool Aid
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water

And if you feel like getting more creative, check out Pinterest for Snow Ice Cream recipes that will have your kids thinking you’re a genius!

3) Blow Some Frozen Bubbles

The single-digit temperatures haven’t hit DFW in a while, but our friends up north tell us this science experiment from Accuweather works! Blow a few bubbles into the icy air and watch as the bubbles drift into the air and freeze OR catch them on your bubble wand to observe the unique ice crystals that form.

4) Create a Masterpiece with Snow Paint

Sidewalk chalk saved our sanity this past summer, and now it can help save your sanity during a Snow Day too! Simply squeeze a few drops of food coloring into a spray bottle or squirt bottle and create masterpieces in the snow.

5) Snow Sensory Bins

Kids don’t need much to get creative in the snow! Simply gather a container of snow and add in toy construction vehicles, cars, bath toys, or aqua beads and let your child enjoy.

And if real snow is a little too cold for your child, make some “fake” snow to throw into your sensory bin.

Using a fork, mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of shaving cream. Add in a few drops of water until a snow-like substance begins to appear.

And don’t forget, when the little fingers get too cold, you can always come indoors and create more memories with the winter snow in the backdrop. Curl up in front of the fire for a movie night or create your hot chocolate bar full of your family’s favorite toppings — because it’s not what you do that makes the memories, it’s who you’re sharing those moments with!

Do you have some favorite snow day activities we didn’t mention? Comment below to share your ideas!


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