5 {Easy} Summer Hair Styles for Girls


You know those super cool, intricate, Elsa-looking braids? And those insane hair twists all over the head that end up making crisscross designs? Well, I don’t have any of that for you in this post! But I do have some easy summer hair styles for girls. Perfect for us moms-on-the-go! I have one toddler with super long curly hair and one with short curly hair. I’m always in a rush, in a hurry, running late (by the way I was always on time before kids), but I still have this burning desire to make my kids look awesome and feel cool in the summer!

I have had major Pinterest fails on hairdos for my girls. All the “in-style”, must-try hair styles for girls that claim to be easy are not (for me). So, after much failure, I’ve found some success and want to share my favorite girl summer hair styles with you. By the way, these won’t take you more than 5 minutes. Honestly, most of them take me two minutes or less!

Here’s your EASY summer hair guide for girls for short or long hair:

Double-Take Top Knots

What you’ll need: Soft paddle brush, bobby pins, hair tie (2), spray (optional)

Take your bobby pin and make a part straight down the middle to separate the hair. You are going to create 2 high pony tails, as high as you can on both sides, and secure them with the hair ties. Pick one and start to wrap the hair around until you have a knot and secure with bobby pin. I’ve found twisting as I go keeps things nice and tight. My daughter added a cute cat ear headband to go with this look. I loved it, and it really spiced up her life!

Short Hair: As you make the final loop of pulling the hair into a pony tail, just go halfway until a bulb is formed. Tighten the bulb by pulling on both ends. You may not even need bobby pins. Messy is so cute when they are little!

TIP: Make these HIGH because you don’t want the car seat and hair to rub the whole ride. Kid will be super uncomfortable.

The Floral Low Bun

What you’ll need: Soft paddle brush, bobby pins, hair tie, spray (optional), floral headband (or any headband!)

The low bun is so classic, but I can quickly make it so wrong with bumps or hairs up top that get out of place. Here’s my fix! Grab the hair into a low pony and secure with the hair tie. For extra fun, I did a normal braid because that’s the only braid I can do. Then I coiled the braid to make it look like a bun and secured it with a bobby pin. The headband will smooth out all your mistakes. I love this look with a floral headband just because it’s perfect for a summer look.

Short Hair: Skip the braid and leave it as a crazy mini low bun!

Twisted Pony

What you’ll need: Soft paddle brush, bobby pins, hair tie, spray (optional), and a fun bow.

Hair twists can be challenging. Keep it simple with just one. I typically do a deep part on the side and spray the hair to keep in place. Then I grab the front hair (bangs section) and twist pulling the hair away from face as I go until I get behind the ear. Secure the twist with 2 pins and tie the rest back. Honestly, I was in a rush and didn’t secure it. Just grabbed all the hair and tied it together. You can do a low pony or a side pony.

Flipped Halfsy

What you’ll need: Soft paddle brush, hair tie, spray (optional)

Tie the hair half up, instead of a full pony tail, leaving half of the bottom hair down. Keep it mid-shaft when tying, not too high. Do not tighten it. Right above the hair tie, make a hole in the middle of the hair (separating the hair slightly) and pull the half pony through the hole by flipping up into the hole vs. under. This gives you a nice twist on both sides. This look is beautiful for dress up!

Wrapped-Up Pony

What you’ll need: Soft paddle brush, bobby pins, hair tie, hair spray (optional)

Brush all the hair into a high pony tail and secure with the hair tie. Grab a few, or a lot of strands, from that pony tail and wrap around the hair tie. You want to make sure the hair tie is covered with the hair. Secure the strands with a bobby pin. Instant pony tail upgrade!

Tip: Braid her hair before bedtime to give texture to the hair before styling in the morning. It literally keeps out all the knots and adds volume.

We love these summer hair styles, and cheers to making hair life simpler! And check out 5 Easy Hairstyles for you!


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