5 Dates I’d {Love} to Go On With My Husband


Here we are: It’s almost Valentine’s Day. How’d that happen? We all know when Christmas leaves the stores, all the pink and red bags of chocolate hit the shelves! Which, honestly, I don’t exactly mind. On New Year’s Eve, I asked my husband if he made any resolutions. His answer? “To be a better husband and father.” Awwww. I think he does a great job, but he insists there’s always room for improvement. I added in by saying that we should really make an effort to go on more dates – they don’t have to be extravagant ones, but really anything that provides us quality time together. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

Stand-Up Comedy Night… At Home

3 of these 5 dates are ones you can have right at home, including this one. On a recent Saturday night, my husband turned on a new Netflix comedy special – Judd Apatow: The Return. We. Were. DYING. I realized we both love good stand-up comedy, but rarely watch any. How great would it be to have a “stand-up comedy date night” at home? We can put our precious little one to bed, grab some dinner or snacks, and plant ourselves on the couch for some laughs! You can find plenty of newly released comedy specials on Netflix.

Weekend Brunch – Just the Two of Us

You guys, I love brunch. Let’s have the mimosas AND a vanilla latte, some fancy cornflake-crusted French toast, and maybe throw a yummy breakfast sandwich in there, too. It’s so nice to get out on a Saturday morning and head to your favorite brunch spot. I’ll say it, though: It’s not quite as peaceful when you bring a toddler along, especially one who’s not really into sitting still and simply enjoying the meal as much as you are. That’s why I’d love to have an actual brunch date with my husband. We could relax, take our time, and just enjoy. Table for two!

Take a Painting or Ceramics Class

…this one is really for my own curiosity. I’m pretty creative by nature – more of a right-brain artsy type, while my husband is more the opposite (hey, he’s a logical thinker and keeps me grounded). Neither of us has ever taken an art class, at least not as adults, and I think it could be interesting. I’d like to see what my husband comes up with! There are LOTS of options for classes around Dallas – a simple search yields tons of results. Pinot’s Palette, E Gallery Studios, and Painting with a Twist are popular options for painting.

Try a New Dinner

Here’s another at-home date. My specific idea of this is making our own pizzas – we’ve never done it, and I’d love to give it a try! Load up pizza crust with cheese and whichever toppings we like and pop it in the oven. For y’all, maybe this means cooking a total out-of-your-comfort zone dish and surprising yourselves. Or, maybe just giving the Instant Pot you got for Christmas a try and seeing what y’all come up with. Need some cooking inspiration? Take a look at this book.

Plan Our Next Vacation

My husband and I love to travel and have taken a trip abroad pretty much every year for the last several years. We all know PLANNING the getaway is just as much fun (or even more fun?) than being on the actual trip. Ha! I absolutely love the excitement of choosing a destination, figuring out flights and finding the perfect Airbnbs. Might sound silly, but I have fond memories of us on our laptops together, researching places to stay and things to see. Traveling is not in your near future? Choose some places you’d love to go someday It’s good to get a head start!

What are some favorite dates you and your spouse have had? Share with us, and hopefully this provided a little inspiration for future ones!


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