5 Baby Products Moms Can Use Themselves


Before I became a parent, I always knew that babies had a lot of stuff, but I never really grasped just how full that diaper bag can be.

Beyond the increased muscle mass you gain from lugging that tote around, I have found there are several products that are my go-to items, but not just for baby, but for me!

I know this a “duh” item to include-but for any new moms out there, you will be shocked how often you use baby wipes for everything beyond your sweet baby’s bottom.

I use them for everything:

  • makeup removal
  • spot cleaning the spit up on my pants
  • cleaning the counter
  • wiping off scuffs on my shoes

Honestly they are my favorite product in general!  Pampers Sensitive are my preferred brand- I find that I can really use them life out of each and every wipe so that I don’t feel quite as wasteful using a disposable cleaning product.

 * * * * *

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we didn’t know we were going to be having a girl so I received approximately (it feels literally) 100 receiving blankets since they are an easy neutral gift.

I have extremely long, curly hair and my husband wasn’t very pleased when he found out that I was using his t-shirts (towels create a lot of frizz in my hair) to use to soak up the water in my hair after a shower.  One morning I found one accidentally tucked in with the towels and tried it out and haven’t turned back since.

Receiving blankets absorb water well, are the perfect size and don’t make my head feel off balanced like towels will piled up on top of my head.  Additional bonus for curly girls, I find these to create even less frizz than my husband’s shirts.

* * * * *

When my husband asks me why I refuse to wash my hair every night, I simply tell him that it is better for you hair (which is true), but honestly it is because I’m lazy.  Especially when I finally take the time to dry and use a flat iron-I want to maximize my DIY blow out.

Unfortunately though, I suffer from extremely oily hair, in less than 24 hours my hair looks like the average woman’s after three or four days.  There are so many dry shampoos out there and many work better, but also costs 10x or more than baby powder does which appeals to my cheap side.  A little sprinkle absorbs the oil and makes me smell lavender fresh.

* * * * *

On the days I’m not lazy and do wash my hair, my curls become one huge mess.  I’ve tried brushing them with a wide tooth comb while conditioner is setting in the shower, but I have had more success using Suave’s Kids detangler than any other.  The strawberry scent is admittedly a little strong, but does go away after drying and I’m not having to fight with each knot in my hair which is such a help.  My daughter also adores the fact that I let her spray the back and bottom of my hair, which helps me convince her to let me do hers as well.

* * * * *

Not a beauty tool, but for this pregnant momma, a product that feels like it has prevented me from either passing out or chewing off someone’s head (either in anger or just hunger) on many occasions.

I’ve tried most of the different brands and while some of the others are incredibly yummy, GoGo Squeeze always hits the mark in price and taste.  My ONLY issue with these is that I have to sneak attack my snacks when my daughter is around, otherwise she demands to share.

I know I’m not alone in using kids products for myself-what products do you use?

**None of the products above were endorsed, all are just ones that I truly love and purchase on my own!


  1. Love all these suggestions! So this isn’t one of the most economical products to steal from your baby, but I love California Baby’s Calendula cream. I wash my hands so much and am already prone to dry, cracked skin, and nothing really worked as well as I’d like. Not to mention, the creams/lotions that did work, burned from all the small cracks in my skin. Not the calendula! And a little goes a long way. Oh and an added bonus – it smells delightful!

  2. Aquaphor. We use it everywhere. I keep a travel tube in my purse as lip balm and hand cream. For the kids I use it on their faces to soften and loosen stuck on gunk, including snot. Also great on rumps, scrapes, rashes and it stops bleeding. What? I have twin toddler boys, we have lots of unfortunate incidents.


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