4 Important Reasons Moms Are Choosing Britax

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I’m a mom of 3 boys; ages 7, 5, and 3. Safety is constantly on my mind as I spend each day trying to prevent them from doing major damage to themselves (and our furniture). As much as I want to bubble wrap our home sometimes, I work hard to not be too overprotective and let “boys be boys.” It’s so important that they learn for themselves why their actions don’t always have positive consequences and can often have physical repercussions, but even I have a line. I’m frequently swooping in to grab them when I find them climbing up their dressers while pretending to “hike” Mt. Everest or trying to “parachute” off their top bunk away from “enemy territory”. Bless them.

At the end of each day, I consider it a success if they’re all safely tucked into their beds at night without any broken bones or serious injuries and I get to do it all over again the next day. . .until they’re 18 or smart enough to stop doing dangerous things! 

Last fall when we discovered we were expecting Baby Boy #4, ironically, my first thought wasn’t shock or surprise (mommy instinct!) but “Aw Man! Our car seat is expired!” 

While unplanned, we’d successfully managed to have all 3 of our children within the approved dates of our first, heavily-researched infant car seat. Almost 8 years ago I remember spending hours talking with friends about car seat brands, features, and safety ratings. I’d searched the internet for resources to help us make the best decision within our budget for our family. 

I’m now almost 36 years old, a more experienced mom and a lot has changed within the last few years when it comes to car seats. While I wasn’t excited to have to make that financial purchase again (for our last one!)… for me, who I’d choose to partner with to protect my last child was a no-brainer. We were purchasing a Britax. 

4 Important Reasons You Should Choose Britax

1. Should there be any other reason?? SAFETY!

I’ll save you some time in doing the Google research and share that Britax was voted . . . “Best Car Seat for Easy Installation” by The Bump, “Best Convertible Car Seat” by Safewise.com, “Best Infant Car Seat” by Mommyhood101.com, and the list goes on. . . but more importantly than online awards, Britax engineers their products to exceed the safety standards set by the federal government (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213). 

Britax has done their due diligence and found the most harmful impacts on children in car collisions and works at improving each of their features to ensure that all sides are covered! As a matter of fact, according to US.Britax.com, “Britax conducts twice the number of tests required by NHTSA, as well as side-impact testing for car seats and extended rolling-road and durability testing for strollers.”

They have found meaningful crash-test results to improve their impact-absorbing base, side-impact cushions, tethers, and other safety systems.  

2. Affordability

Car Seats are one of the most expensive items you HAVE to purchase for your child and it’s one no parent should skimp on; however, safety shouldn’t have to come at a cost. That’s why I love that Britax offers a range of car seats for every families budget, and each one can be trusted to do the job it was meant to do. 

Again, I invite you to do your own research, but here’s a little cost comparison: Infant car seats at Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, or other retailers can run upwards of $500 and as little as $85. Britax fits nicely in the middle averaging between $200-$300 depending on the style and features you’re looking for. 

Even their newest line – Essentials by Britax – are convertible car seats that can go as low as $99. Plus, added Bonus :: Britax is available on Amazon Prime!

3. Convenient and Easy to Operate

As a more experienced mom, I still shake my head at the idea of “car seat installation” classes. Expectant & new parents have enough to worry about without the fear that they may not have caught the right instructions during their anxious, sleep-deprived state on how to properly install and place their baby into a car seat with every trip. 

Why should a device that protects our babies be so complicated to operate? 

With Britax, the base and car seat can be installed in a few simple steps — most of which just involve a click of a latch and a belt pull and tighten. Their Easy-On/Easy-Off Latch connectors help you skip that time searching for the metal hook in your (crumb infested) chair with your fingers only to find yourself getting pitched by metal. True story.

If you chose to purchase the ClickTight Convertible car seat, installation is as simple as buckling a seat belt.

Britax B-Safe Ultra Coolflow infant car seat in Teal

4. In Texas Heat, Keep Cool is Key! 

I’m due in July, and already I’m thinking of ways to keep my newborn cool in the late Texas Summer heat while traveling back and forth between baseball practice, Tae Kwon Do, and school drop-offs. 

The Britax Cool Flow Collection mesh on the infant car seat is designed to help air flow while the baby is secure in the car or traveling by car seat in the nook of your arm without sacrificing safety. You know your child is being protected by the same next-level Britax safety technologies you’ve come to love and trust. 

Now that we’re a few weeks away from our due date, making an easy decision like choosing Britax for our Car Seat has not only checked off our to-do list for what we need when our last little one arrives, but takes the stress off as I know this is one thing I can do to keep him protected…until he learns to crawl and copy his brothers.

For more information about Britax options and Britax Child Safety, visit their website.

Reminder :: AGE is NOT a determining factor in whether your child is fit to be rear-facing or forward-facing. :: I encourage you before making any car seat purchase to check out their online tool that helps you determine which car seat is ideal for your child based on height and weight.



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