3 Ways To Be a Parent Every Teacher Will Love

child giving teacher a high five
It is hard to not love a parent who shows interest in their child’s development.

We can all agree that teachers are the real MVPs. They spend so much time with our kids nurturing them, loving them, and pushing them to their highest potential. I’ve worked in education for seven years now, and I’ve heard from teachers that they do not get the appreciation they deserve or can only do so much without parent support. Here’s my take:

3 Things Parents Can Do to Support Teachers in the Classroom

1. Reinforce Academics at Home

Don’t let school end at school. Your child is learning so much from their teacher, and it will only be enhanced if we do our part at home. Look at the homework that is being brought home and do it with your child. Not only will this assist them in completing the assignment, but it will also allow an opportunity for bonding. You may even learn something new!

parents helping child with homework, how parents can support teachers
Get creative and go on an adventure to learn more about a subject your child is currently dissecting in the classroom.

Find out what culture or region of the world your child is learning about in school and cook a recipe from that part of the world, or check out a book from the library to learn more. There are so many opportunities and creative ways to create an extension to what your child is learning in the classroom.

2. Communicate With the Teacher

A healthy line of communication with your child’s teacher not only shows your interest in your child’s education, but also lets the teacher know that you are active and available should he/she need to reach out. Not many parents take advantage of this opportunity. Teachers hold so much information about your child that you may or may not even know (especially if we’re talking about the upper grades). They have the inside scoop on your child’s social life and their education track. Communication with the teacher is key in understanding the whole child.

Children Shaking Hands, how parents can support teachers
Teaching proper manners can go a long way—beyond the classroom.

3. Basic Manners Go a Long Way

A teacher’s job is to educate our children in academics. Yes, they incorporate the softer skills, but honestly, that should come from parents. It can make a teacher’s job more pleasant if your child commonly uses phrases like “please” and “thank you.” Being polite is almost a lost skill, but it can take a person a long way, whether you’re a child or not. Children with excellent manners are easier to work with, more pleasant, and may even grasp concepts better.

The new school year is in full swing, and I know a lot of parents gravitate towards giving teachers Target & Starbucks gift cards, or even sweet, prepackaged treats, but I’m sure any teacher will tell you that following these three tips means just as much, if not more. So, let’s try to communicate, instill some manners, and reinforce academics at home. Our teachers work so hard, and as parents, we should do our part. If you haven’t already, thank a teacher this school year and let them know how important they are to you and your family!

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