3 Unique Ways to Use Favor When You’re Busy (Plus Promo Code!)


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runner in car for Favor delivery DallasDelivery as a concept is a game-changer for parents. It helps us cut down on errands and time in the car, of course. But do you know what else I love about it?

It’s a way for us to be thoughtful and involved, even when we’re super busy or occupied with kids. Can’t make it in person to an event? Have something delivered and show support that way!

Favor is a Texas-born delivery service, and I’ve been a Favor user for many years. The app is great — very user-friendly with a bright, clean interface. It quickly became my go-to for food delivery . . . and then they made it even better.

Did you know Favor delivers from restaurants AND stores?

That’s right up our alley. Help a mother out!

runner on phone for Favor delivery Dallas3 Unique Ways to Use Favor When You’re Busy

1. Help your teacher or help yourself

We started at a new school this year, and something new I’ve noticed is that teachers will frequently send messages requesting items to use in lessons (such as cotton balls, plastic spoons, food coloring, raisins, etc.). I want to help, but there’s usually a one-day turnaround time, and I never have any of the items on hand. Favor is perfect for this — a Runner can pick up items for me!

Favor is also great for any Room Parent obligations. Need to send supplies for a party? A Runner can pick it up and deliver it to school. With Favor, you can help out more without having to clear your schedule to do it. 

Speaking of delivering to school, let’s not forget teacher appreciation. It’s never been easier to send over coffee or lunch on birthdays, for Teacher Appreciation Week, or at the end of the year.

2. Date Night In

This is something we should all do ASAP. Here’s the plan: Feed the kids dinner. They can eat whatever as long as there’s no fussing (we’re trying to stay relaxed here). Then, use Favor to order a nice dinner for two, maybe even dessert from a delicious date spot. A Runner will pick up your order and deliver it while you oversee bedtime routines. Once the kids are down, it’s time for an adults-only candlelit dinner in the living room while watching a show together. Domestic bliss!

3. Anytime Pick-Me-Up

It’s important to treat yourself every now and then, as we well know. Don’t forget about Favor whenever you or a loved one are stressed and need a little pick-me-up. Send dinner to a family who has too much on their plate at the moment or flowers to your bestie at work on her birthday. Plus, how fun would it be to use Favor to send surprise bagels or donuts to your brother’s house on a random Saturday morning?

To get you started, use promo code DALLASMOMS for $20 toward delivery fees.

Valid for new and existing customers. Expires 12/31/22.

Favor is a delivery service app created right here in Texas. They deliver your local favorites, such as food, wine, and more, plus everyday essentials like groceries and other errands. Even more, Favor delivers within 45 minutes! Follow Favor on FacebookInstagramTikTok, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with their offerings.


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