3 Tips for What NOT to Pack in Your Hospital Bag


What to pack in your hospital bagDeciding what to pack and leave out of your hospital bag for delivery day can bring unwanted stress and worry. Do I bring something to pass the time during labor? How many outfits? What do I need for the baby? Consider leaving these 3 things at home so you can fully enjoy that sweet new bundle of joy and worry less about the amount of “stuff” you have in your hospital bag.

Cute clothes.
Real talk…. Your baby won’t be the only one with a messy diaper (think mesh undies and giant pads). A couple loose fitting shirts and pants are all you need. Leave the pretty robes and leggings at home. Again, those giant pads you’ll most likely be wearing on the way home don’t look so cute with tight leggings! (And for you C-section mamas, I’ve heard leggings can be painful on your stomach.) I went home in a pair of maternity pants and a loose shirt with zero regrets about it.

All the baby things.
This goes without saying, each hospital is different so check with your hospital to see what they provide. In my experience, they give you long sleeve tops, blankets and a hat for your baby. The only outfit to bring for baby is a going home outfit. They do provide diapers and “wipes” (more on that later) and sometimes a pacifier. Aside from those things, your sweet babe doesn’t need much else. He or she will be sleeping and eating with brief moments of awake time.

Excessive entertainment.
The first time I packed a hospital bag, I brought a book, some magazines, small card games and a tablet. Did I use any of them? No. Because in my “free time” (haha) I slept or just tried to rest! If you are being induced as a first time mama, this process can take a long time. So maybe you will want something more than just your phone. But once you are in active labor, ain’t nobody got time for a round of UNO.

A few tips on what TO bring:
Some must-haves for me include: toiletries, lip balm, a long phone charger, a giant water bottle (if your hospital doesn’t provide one) and snacks. As mentioned above, the hospital provides wipes, but be warned that the wipes are more like thin, dry wash cloths that you have to get up and wet each time. This can be super annoying at night when you are trying to change a diaper, and getting out of bed is the LAST thing you want to do.

I’m hoping that when the next time comes for me to pack a hospital bag, I will remember these things and keep it simple. 

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