3 Questions to Guide Your Summer Planning {Tips from T Bar M Camps}

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When it comes to prioritizing summer plans, we often aim to arrange our summer in a manner to keep our family engaged, while at the same time, protect them from the burnout of being too busy. So, what makes camp worth the investment of part of your summer? As you navigate through your summer schedule, we suspect there are a few more questions to be weighed. While camp is only one week on the continuum of a full summer, it is an experience that has the opportunity to influence lives forever.

Who Will Be With Your Child?

Whether it’s the cartoon character on their screen or the coach of their baseball team, who our children spend their time with will most impact who they are becoming. As parents, we have the responsibility to weigh in on which voices are reinforcing what we want for our kids.

A positive role model can be one of the most powerful agents in shaping our kids into the men and women we want them to be. At T Bar M Camps, we call these role models, coaches. They are college students who have been vetted and trained with your child’s best interest in mind. Passionate about the example they get to be for youth, our coaches invest in relationships as a platform to facilitate a camper’s life-transforming summer experience. As healthy relationships are modeled and formed at camp, we are confident they will continue to develop and thrive at home.

“A positive role model can be one of the most powerful agents in shaping our kids into the men and women we want them to be.”

What Will They Be Doing?

Keeping our kids entertained in the long stretch of the summer days can be a feat. But at T Bar M Camps, instead of just aiming to keep campers busy, we play with purpose. 

With intentional thought, days are prepared for and planned to maximize fun and provide opportunities for real life application. The culture of camp, marked by silly songs, chants and traditions, liberates campers to engage in play without the pressure to perform to the status quo. When this culture saturates every minute of the camp week on the ropes course, at mealtimes, amidst theme nights and even in cleaning the cabin, campers experience life so full, they grow by leaps and bounds without even realizing it.


What Will They Learn?

With a break from school, summer tends to be a slower, more relaxed and sunbaked season of the year, but it still holds wealthy experiences for our kids to learn from. Whether it’s how to juggle a soccer ball or get up on a wakeboard, these confidence-building skills are just the beginning of what a camper will learn in a week at camp. 

“We are thoughtful about the ways campers are growing their minds, bodies, and relationships…”

It is our goal for campers to stretch outside of what is comfortable, and as a result grow like Jesus did in Luke 2:52, “in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man”. Therefore, we are thoughtful about the ways campers are growing their minds, bodies and relationships as they learn more about God, try new things and experience camp life alongside new friends.

Camp is an investment yielding profitable gain for years beyond a single week of the summer. It is one of the most lasting, rewarding experiences parents can give their children. T Bar M Camps builds self-esteem and gives kids a sense of independence all while growing their faith.


T Bar M Camps is a non-denominational Christian sports and adventure camp with locations in New Braunfels, Texas and on Lake Travis near Austin. Camps are designed for children ages Kindergarten to 11th Grade. For more information on registering your child for their Day Camps, Overnight Camps, and Family Camps, visit their website



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