24 Days of Elf on the Shelf :: Kindness Challenge

We are big fans of the Elf on the Shelf tradition in our house! Maybe you even saw my post a couple years ago A Simple 25 Day Guide to Elf on the Shelf. This year, I wanted to add a little something extra to our annual tradition. I wanted to implement an Elf on the Shelf kindness challenge, encouraging the kids to be helpful and kind throughout the holiday season. Our hearts could definitely use it after this stressful year. So here is a fun and easy guide to 24 days of Elf on Shelf: Kindness Challenge! Do them all or add a few to your Elf’s normal shenanigans.

Elf on the Shelf Kindness Challenge

1. Your elf arrives with a box and note encouraging the kids to donate toys they no longer play with. Tip: The note could read: “Santa will be here very soon! He’s bringing toys, so let’s make room! Fill this box with old games and toys, I’ll bring them home to fix for new girls and boys!

2. Elfie brings stationary and suggests your child write a thank you note. The note could be to a teacher for helping them learn or a family member for something nice they did.

3. Have your elf bring supplies to bake cookies for the neighbors!

4. Your elf leaves a note complimenting each of your children, then tells the kids to compliment their family and friends today.

5. Mr. or Mrs. Elf leaves supplies to make a bird feeder. It’s cool to be kind to animals too!

6. Today, your elf encourages helpfulness. Maybe they could suggest an extra chore?

7. The elf tells your child to buy a gift for someone in need. Maybe your family could adopt a family from an Angel Tree or donate a new coat to a shelter. Tip: Here are a few local options for adopting a family this holiday season:

8. Your elf wants your children to learn the reason for the season. Have the elf open the bible to the story of the birth of Jesus. Tip: Read Luke 2:15-21

9. Today your Elf brings a new book and suggests that your child read to someone.  Maybe a younger sibling or a pet.

10. Elfie suggests your child phone a grandparent or a loved one. It will brighten their day!

11. The elf brings supplies for ornament making. They tell the kids to make ornaments for someone they love or maybe even each member of the family.

12. Mr. or Mrs. Elf encourage your child to help donate food to a shelter. Tip: Here is where to donate toys and food this holiday season.  

13. Elf brings a small basket of treats and tells the kids to leave them out for your mail carrier or delivery drivers. Tip: Here’s a free printable for your basket of treats!

14. Elfie advises the kids to write a letter to someone they miss.

15. Smiling is your elf’s favorite! Today he tells the kids to smile at everyone! It’ll be sure to make someone’s day.

16. The elf hides 10 candy canes around the house. The kids are told to find them and share them with anyone who could use a little cheer!

17. Mr. or Mrs. Elf brings hot cocoa and suggests that the children make some for the family to share after dinner along with friendly conversation.

18. The elf brings art supplies and advises the kids make Christmas cards for service members or thank an essential worker in their lives. (Ideas include: your grocery clerk, doctors, nurses, mail carrier, etc.) Tip: Here is a handy website that tells you how to send letters to service members.

19. Your elf brings a new package of chalk for the kids to write encouraging messages on the sidewalk for passersby.

20. Today, your elf leaves out a family recipe with ingredients and proposes your kids help make the family dinner.

21. The elf brings stickers for the kids to share with friends or family members.

22. Elfie suggests that the kids sing a Christmas carol to someone who needs to smile.  Maybe a neighbor or video call a family member you haven’t talked to in a while.

23. The elf suggests that you help with someone’s groceries. Help pick up an elderly neighbor’s groceries. Or buy extra to make a meal for someone in need.

24. Finally, have your elf encourage the kids to write a gratitude list. You’ll be amazed by what they are thankful for when you spend time each day focusing on kindness and helping others.

I’m not sure about you, but our household could use a daily dose of kindness this holiday season. What better way than using a beloved tradition to advocate kind and grateful hearts.  Merry Christmas!


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