{2021} Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide


Teacher AppreciationMay marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Month. Teacher gifts don’t have to be expensive. Your thoughtfulness, creativity, and time are resources that can produce something meaningful for the teachers in your life. 

Every teacher I know will tell you that teachers love notes from students. On the toughest of days, these notes serve as reminders about the love, joy, and importance of teaching. Fill out this printable or get creative with the supplies you have at home. If you’re in a position to add something extra with your note, here are some ideas:

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

  1. A hot lunch delivered to the school. At most, teachers usually get about 30 minutes to eat. That is not enough time to leave the building and eat, even if there are plenty of options near the school. Offer to place an order at a nearby restaurant and deliver it to the school right before the teacher’s lunch begins. This assures a warm lunch that he or she can enjoy for the entirety of their break. 
  2. Can’t do lunch? Then take care of dinner. Gift cards to restaurants near a teacher’s neighborhood might be exactly what he or she needs after a long day in the classroom. Another option is to create a dinner care package. In the past, our family has gifted teachers our favorite chili seasoning and included cornbread, crackers, and chips.
  3. Personalized gifts that can be used regularly are also options. Products such as stationery, lanyards, beaded mask chains, and classroom decor are fun to have, but not something a teacher might purchase for him or herself. Gifts for the home or for personal use are also appreciated. Items like jewelry, cutting boards, kitchen towels, and doormats are available on Etsy. There is no shortage of crafty moms in the Dallas area, so if you prefer to shop local I’d start by asking friends on social media for nearby personalization options.
  4. Help celebrate the other parts of your teacher’s life. Do they have a family? Think about gifting a family experience for them to enjoy during summertime. Are they getting married or welcoming a baby soon? Consider searching for an online registry. Are they traveling this summer? Choose items that could be useful and practical for their upcoming adventure. Are they sending a kid off to college? Pick up some college gear for them to proudly wear.

If you’re worried that shipping might be an issue, print out a picture of the gift and include a small note to give to the teacher. If there’s anyone who understands that sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned, it’s a teacher. Trust me.

{More Gift Ideas}

However your family chooses to celebrate the educators in your life, understand that the biggest gift of all is your support. When teachers and parents are able to work together, children benefit. Happy Teacher Appreciation Month to all the amazing teachers!



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