2020 Goal: Getting The Right Insurance For My Family


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apparent insurance texas car insuranceMy goal-planning actually begins in December. Every year, I take the whole month to think about where we are as a family. My husband and I do this together. We allow ourselves to plan, dream, set goals, and reflect on our current status in all areas of life. The New Year is one of my favorite times of the year because it always feels like a reset button.

This year we decided to place financial planning higher on our list of priorities, given that the past six and a half years of marriage have brought on so much change and time has flown faster than we ever imagined.

From getting married to building our home, getting pregnant back-to-back with our two children, then making a decision for me to be a stay-at-home mom, it was time to think long and hard about where we are now and what we need.

During our financial discussion we realized that we need better insurance. If I had to guess, with all the moving pieces of our day-to-day lives we just lost sight of it. Isn’t that how things happen? We get caught up in the whirlwind of family life and some things just slip through the cracks. For us, insurance was something we needed to take a closer look at.

Insurance can be so confusing (which is one of the reasons I think we put it on the back burner), but then I heard about Apparent.

Finding Apparent Insurance is like finding the perfect top for a date night in YOUR size. It’s made for you. And it takes all the confusion out of things for busy moms and dads. The part about them being an insurance company made by parents for parents, is what really sealed the deal for me. I also love that while they are primarily for car insurance, they offer all type of insurances that your family may need. So here are my suggestions for finding the right insurance:

  1. Check out the Apparent Insurance website.
  2. Read their FAQs.
  3. Request a Quote.
  4. Add this figure to your budget!

If you’re anything like me, this is the year to tie up those loose ends and make a decision on the right insurance for your family. And now that things are starting to calm down a little and we’re hitting our stride, we need to make sure that we are secured in all areas. Apparent Insurance is your one-stop shop. From home insurance to life insurance, I know we’ll find everything we need in one place.

Do you have experience with all this? Share your insurance process in the comments!



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