2016 Dallas Restaurant Bucket List


According to Wiki, “a Foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages, who seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. That about sums up me and my husband. Food and alcoholic beverages are something we enjoy whole heartedly. We like the social aspect of eating and drinking and plan many of our trips around new eating and drinking experiences. We are expecting baby #3 in June so we know that our Dallas date nights are numbered so we sat down over the Holidays and made a 2016 restaurant bucket list of all the new places in Dallas that we want to try before craziness ensues. It has everything from pizza, to bars, to high end Japanese. Enjoy!

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18th & Vine – For those of you that know my husband and I we love meat…smoking it, grilling it and most importantly, eating it. This restaurant is the perfect combo of a renowned chef and Kansas City pitt master. This new BBQ joint/gastro pub in Oak Lawn is a must try. Don’t let the typical Kansas City “saucy” BBQ throw you — you won’t find that here, just new BBQ techniques that we don’t see often in Texas. Think “layering” of flavors. 

Armoury D.E. – Deep Ellum — so hot right now! The most talked about bar to open there in quite some time. The word is that they have a huge array of rare and weird liquors from all over the world and bar tenders that mix drinks based off of whims. We might be going here on our way home from the hospital for a cocktail! If you need something to soak up the booze they have a great menu of bar food that is non traditional and very hearty. Should do the trick!

Filament – We love Matt McCalister’s cooking at FT33 but it’s a stretch to go often, so I was thrilled when I heard about his new casual restaurant opening in Deep Ellum focusing on wood fired southern cuisine….you heard that right….not Texas/Southwestern cuisine, I am talking about New Orleans, Charleston, deep South deliciousness! Cannot wait to try it.

Resident Taqueria – Couldn’t be more excited about the opening of this new restaurant because it is in my hood…Lake Highlands! We desperately need interesting places to eat in this part of town and finally we have it! Chef Andrew Savoie, former chef at Inn at Little Washington, has a very clean and simple menu that consists of tacos and a few sides. It looks amazing and has gotten great reviews in just a short time. I just might have to go today!

Uchi – In the foodie world, the opening of Uchi Dallas, was one of the most exciting moments of the year. I have made the trip to Austin just to eat at renowned chef, Tyson Cole’s original Uchi and had an out of body experience. I am a HUGE fan of Asian food in general but the sushi at Uchi will change your life. I have yet to go to the Uchi Dallas as it is very difficult to get a reservation, but I have one set on the books for 2016 and cannot wait to see if the Dallas location lives up to the Austin location.

Wayward Sons – I was a big fan of chef, Grahm Dodd’s food at Hibiscus and was sad to hear about his exit, but thrilled when I heard the infamous, farm to table chef, would be opening his own place in Lower Greenville right across from the Grenada Theater. If you like, local, seasonal, Texas food with a great cocktail to accompany it, then this is the place to try in 2016!

ZaLat Pizza – Being a New Yorker, I am a huge fan of pizza — especially late night pizza. It just tastes better! I have many fond memories of eating a greasy slice at 3AM in the East Village. So imagine my excitement when I heard of a late night pizza joint opening next to their sister shop, DaLat, a late night Pho restaurant. The website says 5 pm-12 am, but I am assuming it will be similar to DaLat where that time frame is just a suggestion. They have your typical pizza but they have many off the menu pizza’s with secret ordering similar to “animal style” at In N Out. Can’t wait to figure them all out!  

CiboDivino – Oak Cliff’s new Italian market that offers prepared foods, espresso bar, craft beer on tap, wine bar and made to order Neapolitan pizza — umm yes please! To quote Tommy Boy, “I can actually hear you getting fatter!”. Yep that would be me hanging out at CiboDivino and I can’t wait! 

On Premise – A new, dark, speak easy bar with non traditional bar food in Deep Ellum — sounds like my kind of place. The menu is overseen by Brain Zenner, previously chef at Oak and Belly & Trumpet and executed by Ann Marie Romero, who was also at Oak as well as Pakpao. No chicken fingers and quesadillas here…try grilled Gulf oysters, wok friend cashews and yucka fries to compliment your innovative cocktail. 

In the words of the great Julia Child, Bon Appetite!


  1. Awesome list! Thanks for sharing…there are so many on here I would love to try. I will say that Resident Taqueria is great! A real score for Lake Highlands!


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