My Home is a Pinterest Fail


When my husband and I were house hunting, the moment we walked into our now home, I saw endless possibility.  I imagined a beautiful painting hanging over our fireplace, luxurious drapes in the formal dining room, kitchy baubles in my kitchen.  I could see my future child playing in their themed bedroom, a compromise of the modern minimalist style I prefer and something my toddler’s colorful senses would appreciate.

I have now lived in my home for four and half years.  And this is the part where I should be telling you that even though we haven’t quite completed evolving our spaces (as that is a continued process, unless you have loads of money-in which that does not describe me), we have made quite a progression and I am really pleased with how far we have

Except I can’t say that.  I cannot even tell you that we have made a slight progression.  This photo is evidence of my sole (and no exaggeration-it really is my ONLY) attempt to decorate my home.

There is something so wrong with this picture!  Not the picture of my family of course, the little one and pup are cute but this sad attempt to have some sort of décor is just pathetic.

When it comes to décor, I am totally inexperienced.  I am also cheap.  If you put those two things together you get my house-literally every one of my walls are bare.  I don’t have any of the drapes I imagined, the perfect nook above my sink begging for some art is blank.  I don’t think I should be allowed to count the duvet cover I drag into the living room each night to cuddle with while watching TV as a throw blanket.

I’m just utterly lost on what I should do with my house.  I become paralyzed when trying to decide what should go on my walls, it feels like a bigger commitment than buying the house itself.  And for the price of the things I have found that I do like, well it certainly makes my budget feel like it is!

While the other ladies of Dallas Moms Blog were salivating over attending breakout sessions at Project Mom  about discipline, pre-preschool time, or parenting teens, when I saw that one of the sessions was titled Pinterest Made Me Do It: Party Planning and Decorating on a Dime, I immediately signed up for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll also be going to some of the other ones-like healthy meal planning(decorating isn’t my only wifey fail) I am so excited to actually hear someone speak about, and maybe give me the confidence to make the commitment to finally turn my house into a home.

Will anyone be joining me at this session?

relationship with teens


This wraps up our You’ll Hear It At Project Mom series! We hope you’ll join the girls of Dallas Moms Blog on Saturday, Sept. 27th in Allen for a day of meeting new moms, shopping, and encouragement!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, don’t worry-we still have 2 giveaways coming up on our Facebook page or you can act quickly and buy yours now!  Make sure to save 25% by using promo code DMB!

Will we see you there?


**Dallas Moms Blog has received no compensation in exchange for this mini-series. In exchange for some marketing, we’ve been allowed to host a booth at the Project Mom conference; however, we sincerely hope that this marketing exchange benefits our readers more than our site through discounts and opportunities to win free tickets! 


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