12 Summer Beach Reads You’ll go to Again and Again

dallas moms summer beach reads
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Are you venturing out to the beach this summer? Hanging by a public pool? Or are you dipping your toes in a toddler pool in the backyard while your little one splashes around? One thing is for sure, hot summer days and water make anyone want to grab a fun beach read to turn the pages and pass the time while the sun is blazing!

We have a fantastic book club community with Dallas Moms and I went to them to ask their favorite beach reads of ALL TIME. There are plenty of book lists circulating right now of the hottest and best-selling beach reads for summer 2021, but what about the books people turn back to again and again? I asked our community (as well as my personal Instagram following) to ask them their favorites and here they are. (Did your favorite summer beach reads make the list?)

Tried & True Summer Beach Reads

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What are your favorite summer beach reads?

If you are interested in checking out our Dallas Moms Community book club let me know! We would love to have you join our Facebook community and chat about all things books! 



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