{10 Tips} for a Fun Visit to the Dallas Zoo this Spring


Springtime is a great time to visit the Dallas Zoo. We celebrate National Zoo Lover’s month in April and we are lucky to have such a nice zoo in our city. My son loves the zoo and we visited so often when he was a toddler, we quickly realized it was more cost-effective to become members.

taking kids to the Dallas Zoo

Here are 10 tips for a fun visit to the Dallas Zoo this spring:

  1. Make a day of it. Spring weather is ideal for visiting the Dallas Zoo. There are more than 100 acres to see, thousands of animals and hundreds of species (not including fish) so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to log all your steps.
  2. Enjoy a meal at Picnic Ridge, near the herpitarium, and follow it up with a ride on the T-Rex Express mini-train.
  3. Take a ride. My kids are big fans of riding the carousel at the main entrance as well as the Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari Monorail. Tickets for both are inexpensive and the monorail offers really cool views of the animals in the Wilds of Africa including hippos, chimpanzees and crocodiles.
  4. Feed the animals. Over in the Giants of the Savanna exhibit, you can feed the giraffes. How cool is that? My kids really love this part of our visits and I do too.
  5. Enjoy a bite at the Serengeti Grill and keep your eyes on the windows in case a lion happens to stroll by.
  6. What better way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 or World Environment Day on June 5 than with your family at the Dallas Zoo?
  7. World Penguin Day is April 25, so you’ll want to visit the penguins and watch their adorable waddling and graceful swimming. 
  8. The Children’s Zoo is so much fun. You may want to bring extra clothes, shoes and socks, if your little ones will want to run through or sit in the stream. There is a farmyard and a a goat yard as well as a play area.
  9. World Migratory Bird Day is May 12, so and bird lovers can celebrate at the zoo’s interactive aviary where you can feed the birds.
  10. We always come home with so many fun photos. I usually just bring my phone but you’ll see lots of visitors with their DSLRs. National Nature Photography Day is June 15 and there is always plenty to photograph at the zoo.

There is so much more you can enjoy at the zoo this spring – everything from Safari Nights to The National Geographic Photo Ark to Lights Out Overnight adventures and more.

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