10 Reasons Why I Love Babywearing


I was helping a new mama friend with her baby registry the other day. And as I thought back on my own registry from eight years ago…aside from the crib, there is ONE item that has been my most used by far. When I put the Beco Gemini carrier on that list, I thought it was kind of expensive, but I was pretty sure I would like babywearing. We lived in Chicago at the time, I didn’t drive much, and a stroller seemed like a hassle in the city. That baby carrier was the best purchase we made! It has now carried five babies (my four kids and one friend’s baby) and is still going strong.

Why do I love babywearing so much? Let me count the ways…

Snuggles and Head Kisses

Is there anything better than a sweet baby’s head? The general rule with babywearing is to keep their head close enough to kiss it. I love having my babies snuggled up against me and kissing their little heads a million times a day.

Grocery Shopping

Thankfully, these days we have pickup options at all our grocery stores, but if I do need to go into a store with my baby, babywearing is the easiest and safest option.

Crying Baby

None of my kids have been terribly fussy babies, but we all know that babies do cry. One of the quickest and easiest ways I found to settle my babies is to put them in a carrier and go for a walk. Outdoors is preferable, but even a few laps around the living room usually quiets them down.

Walks to School

My oldest boys are in elementary school now. Our school is close enough to walk to, and rather than wait in the carpool line, I’ll strap the baby into the carrier, push my preschooler in the stroller, and head to school for pick-up. Our little circus is probably quite a spectacle to the neighbors, but our walk to and from school is one of my favorite parts of the day!

Sports Games & Practices

Now that we have two elementary-aged kiddos, we go to a lot more sporting events and practices. Hauling a stroller across multiple soccer fields is hugely inconvenient for me; I’d much rather wear that baby. Hopefully Mama’s cheers won’t wake him up too often!

Traveling (Airports & Airplanes)

Traveling can be stressful; traveling with kids is even more so. I’ve found that the easiest way to get through an airport is by babywearing, as it leaves my hands free to keep up with everything else (i.e., my other children).


As a first-time mom, I spent many a Sunday in the back of our church bouncing our son. It didn’t take me too long to realize that bringing a baby carrier every week saved me from exhausted arms.


The noise and the rhythmic motion of vacuuming seems to put babies right to sleep.


Why stop at vacuuming? I wear the baby while dusting and doing laundry, too!


Dad gazing down at baby in carrier, benefits of babywearing

My husband loves babywearing too! Dads need to get those extra snuggles and baby kisses. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a dad wearing his baby; there’s a reason those photos of Daniel Craig went viral a few years ago…

My go-to carrier is the soft structured one, but I also have a wrap and a sling that I like to use. Each is good for different reasons, and I like to have options, depending on where we’re going and what stage the baby is in.

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