Great Glasses Play Day at Klyde Warren Park


I got my first pair of glasses at 12 years old. I still remember how amazing everything looked on that first day of seeing more clearly! Now that I’m a parent, it’s my responsibility to be proactive in caring for my children’s eyesight. Being fitted with the right pair of glasses is so helpful in a child’s development.

The Great Glasses Play Day is an event being hosted across the country on August 4-7 celebrating children who wear glasses, their unique style, eyewear advancement & early childhood vision health. It’s a day of imaginative play and celebration!

You can join in the fun at the Dallas Great Glasses Play Day on August 3, 2013!

Great Glasses Play Day, Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, August 3, 2013

Who: Any child who needs glasses, contacts, or patching for vision correction, their families, and their friends.

What: A day to celebrate our children and how their glasses, contacts, or patches help them to see better!

When: August 3, 2013 9 am-12 pm

Where: Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, TX

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas TX

The Mission of the Great Glasses Play Day is:

Support: Support children who wear glasses or who have other vision issues, and their families.

Celebrate: Celebrate the advances in eyewear, that not only allows our children to see more clearly, but also act as a way to express our children’s unique style.

Educate: Educate parents about the importance of early eye exams by a professional eye care provider and screenings (Did you know 1 in 20 preschool kids have a vision issue?). Educate about the need to follow up and treat any issues that are identified (Did you know the brain is most malleable during the early learning years?). Early treatment can save vision!

Raise awareness: Raise awareness of the issues of preventable blindness. So many eye issues go undiagnosed and untreated, especially amongst the most vulnerable and poor. And not treating the problems can lead to a lifetime of blindness.

Will we see you there? Be sure to follow the Dallas Great Glasses Play Day on Facebook for more event details and sponsor information!


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